The Adidas 35

For those of you who don't have a golden ticket. This is the 35th shoe in the adidas 35th anniversary superstar line.

Each shoe comes in a specially designed leather shoe box, and will include various shoe care/cleaning utensils such as polish creme, brush, shoe horn, duster and shoe trees. It also features a gold engraved plaque showcasing the collection. And each has its own serial number which is also the combination for the lock on the box. The shell toe is stitched leather, as opposed to the rubber cap toe and the shoes innards are leather as well. Even more, the sidewalls, which are usually rubber, are replaced with leather and the outsole features the branded aniversary logo. This is not just a reworked superstar. this is a whole new shoe!

There were only 300 of these made and distribution was through a treasure hunt for golden tickets and then a raffle from those tickets. If you were lucky enough to get one, you do own a treasure as they will never go on sale.. If you were not, like me, then all we can do is admire this picture.

click here for a bigger photo (703k)



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