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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Strictly Lampin' 

This should go without saying, kids, but don't put your lava lamp on the stove. Try limiting that area to food.

Just Don't Skeet on the Gown 

"Do you, Lil Jon, take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?"
"Do you, Lil Jon, take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

Friday, November 26, 2004

Artest to A-Diddy?? 

Since being suspended for the rest of the NBA season for attacking a Pistons fan, Ron Artest can now concentrate on his production skills. Ron Artest's new label's first release by R&B group Allure has been flat...just like the beer that was thrown at him. Last Tuesday, the label, Tru Warier, released its first album by its first signing, R&B girl group Allure's Chapter III, which Artest produced. Some news outlets are even reporting that Artest has released a rap album that did poorly and, as it turns out, when everybody was getting upset with Ron for wanting some time off to promote his new album, he meant the R&B release. Oh the rap album isnt OK. but the RB release is....(its your world..we just live in it...and throw beer when we are upset)

turn off the radio and open up your mind!! New music links 

firstly, the Automato Ecard:
which showcases their live hip-hop meets electronic meets alternative sound on their debut self-titled album produced by the DFA.
now for the return of Money Mark. "Demo or Demolition" is his latest offering which mashes up indie alternative sounds with a hint of glitchy electronic and even some retro-soul.
The track "3 O'Clock"

RA The Rugged Man "Die, Rugged Man, Die" : Lessons:
Vordul Mega "The Revolution of Yung Havoks" : Spitamatic feat. C. Rayz Walz

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The White Album 

I finally had a chance to hear the new Handsome Boy Modeling School (Dan "The Automator" Nakamura and Prince Paul) album, "White People" and I have to say--it's brilliant. People are always trying to create a successful hybrid of hip-hop and rock music, but in the minds of Paul and Nakamura, they were never separate entities to begin with. Instead of the normal pitfalls, where artists tend to feel they need to go to extremes to marry the two, the duo instead opt to incorporate only the GOOD parts of each. Feaures crazy guests shots--De La Soul, John Oates, Pharell, Cat Power, Rza, Jamie Cullum, Tim Meadows, Linkin Park and Barrington Levy to name but a few--and one of the funniest skits I've ever heard on an album before ("Or on the Bwackbuwwy Account").

Thursday, November 18, 2004


Ipod socks...what has this world come to?????

Let the Toys Bring the Noise 

Creating a coast-to-coast trio of stores, KidRobot opens it's first branch in Southern Cali this Saturday, November 20th. The Santa Monica location follows KidRobot New York and Kidrobot San Franciso as one of the leading retail outlets for urban vinyl action figures, designer plush, and more.

My advice: Get there as early as possible, before all the best toys are in the clutches of others. And pick me up something while you're out there (It's the least you could do).

1407 3rd St. Promenade
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Bush X Thanksgiving 

Sunday, November 14, 2004

UNDFTD x Cartoon Billboard Party 

Lots of people rolled through for Undefeated's party for their collaboration with famed tattoo artist Mr. Cartoon. Free t-shirts and posters were given out to the first people there and 6 pairs of the blue/grey Cartoon AF1's (which are some of the dopest shoes to come out EVER) were raffled off. Unfortunately, if you're not a friend of Cartoon or UNDFTD, the raffle is the ONLY way you're going to get your hands on these because they're not coming out for retail (Who knew Marvel had copyrights on the spider web design?) Here's some pics from the event:

Dirt Don't Hurt 

R.I.P. Ol' Dirty

The beloved Big Baby Jesus passed on Saturday, November 13th, at the age of 35. Pour a forty on the corner for him. Actually, this is O.D.B we're talking about -- better pour a few.

Friday, November 12, 2004

It's the Rap Scholar(s), Here to Make a Dollar... 

Check out Seattle's Blue Scholars' excellent new video, "Freewheelin" by clicking here -- the duo of DJ/Producer Sabzi and MC Geologic's self-titled debut LP was named "Best Album of 2004" by Seattle Weekly, and is available now through their website. I promise, you will be pleasantly surprised by this one...

Thursday, November 11, 2004


click here for a larger picture

Y'all should check this out....A Tribe Called Quest,J5,X to tha Z, Jaylib....
Super good deals on all there...or be square...

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

5th Platoon Cali Invasion!! 

Making his way out to the HI (via NYC), the incredible & stupendous DJ Neil Armstrong of the Almighty Fifth Platoon (a crew which includes DMC WORLD champion DJ I.Emerge) will be making two short pitstops in the lovely state of California. This Wednesday, November 10th, you can catch Neil bring his special blend of tuntablism, hip-hop, and the lovliest r&b ever committed to wax to SoCal for the first time ever!

The Bustop presented by Scion & The Armory

Wed. Nov. 10th

The Shaker Room (located @ Martini Ranch)

Downtown San Diego - 6th & F Street

$5 cover

Finally, on Friday, Nov 12th, Neil will be making an encore appearance at San Francisco's Milk Bar, along with DJ Derrick D, as they present 7,8,9,0: Hits from the 70's/80's/90's/00's. This event is also the official afterparty for upperplayground & Will Barras' new opening.

Friday, Nov 12th
The Milk Bar
1840 Haight St., San Francisco
21 w/ ID, $10 cover
Ladies free before 11


Cheez-It Twisterz

These are seriously some of the best baked cheese snacks ever invented. Do not be surprised if you find me in my apartment, lifeless, with a pile of Hot Wings & Cheesy Blue-flavor lodged in my throat. Two flavors! Bold crunch! Fully endorsed by fixinsdotcom.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Having trouble folding t-shirts? 

click here

Limited Pump Fury Launch at Sportie LA 

This Thursday, Nov 11 Reebok will be launching a limited edition pump Fury in collaboration with Sportie LA. The Fury will feature an 85 (the year Sportie opened) on the back and the Sportie logo on the front. This edition is limited to only 26 pairs and only avialable at this event.

7733 melrose ave
Nov. 11 2004

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Social Services 

This week marks the 1-year anniversary of Social Study, one of the DC/Metro area's premier (and only) sneaker and clothing boutiques. I can't even keep a friend for an entire year, so we should all raise a collective fist for them on the longevity tip and head over this Friday, November 5, for the Social Study 1-Year Anniversary Party.

The event will also feature the release of the Social Study/DRP custom Dunk (shown above), limited to five pairs, as well exlcusive t's, DJ TwoTeks supplying the bump, free food and drinks, prizes, and more. You can peep more of DRP's designs here, and see his latest collection onhand at the store as well.

Social Study 1-Year Anniversary Party
201 n Market St.
Frederick, MD 21701

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

My Melo My Man 

The fixinsdotcom traveling band of sneaker slingers trooped through Baltimore (home to a certain #15 of the Denver Nuggets) this Halloween for "Meloween," celebrating the release of Carmelo Anthony's first signature shoe, the Jordan Brand Melo 1.5...

Michael Jackson(s) rep their quickstrike, near deadstock Jordan Brand pumpkins. Wait till you see them with SB laces and stuffed tongues...

Before Fat Joe did the "Rockaway," he did the "Lick-a-Kick." Expect this non-dancing dance to take over clubs this winter.

This wasn't at Meloween, but it had to be posted somewhere. Tyrone!!!

Infinite props from fixinsdotcom to everyone at ESPN Zone Baltimore, Downtown Lockeroom, Jordan Brand, and of course, Melo, for making it a great All Hallow's Eve...and big up to Hey_Its_Jayson for the pics.


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