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Friday, August 27, 2004

Black Eyed Peas & Electronic Arts 

Black Eyed Peas are making music for 'Urbz' game where success is measured by how cool players are. A spin off of the popular SIMS game, but with an urban twist, band members Will.I.Am, Fergie, Taboo and appear as musicians and teach dance moves to players. The goal is to build up street credibility and become a "player" and try to get into hotspots and events that throw J/K
shameless plug-SOLED OUT NYC is coming soon...stay tuned!

Thursday, August 26, 2004

It's tha links, baby 

Today Fixinsdotcom proudly hyperlinks you to two websites which may fundamentally alter your life (for at least the next ten minutes).

Dr. Jay's Street Style allows you the opportunity to pick out your freshest Enyce and Karl Kani gear, take a pic of yourself rockin' it, and then sit back as fools clown you on the messageboard. "Im2Xclusive" is pictured above. I'm not quite sure if he is at the windows or if he is at the walls--perhaps he is somewhere inbetween.

. lets you know the drilly on all those hard to find, exclusive kicks that you'll never find anywhere at all, such as these Jordan III's, which were "colored by Jordan with a marker himself (does not include box)." Hotness!

For the official indeethot blog, click right thurr.

Monday, August 23, 2004

nike billboard madness 

this is huge!

click here

ipod fans... 

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Exotic Meets Argyle... 

Talk about an interesting mix...Gravis presents their limited Holiday '04 collection with argyle pattern emboss, exotic materials, and treaments on the Comet Mid and Comet Royale. With pigskin, ostrich, snakeskin, light wool hound’s-tooth and tweed linings, this will sure to peak your animal instinct...

The Holiday 04 Collection from Gravis Footwear will be available , starting October 01, 2004.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004


Scion presents...

"Free Up Your Mix" National DJ Contest

- 30 minute hip hop mix on CD (fill out form on
- Must be recorded LIVE on turntables and mixer
- No multi-tracking or computer tinkering

Grand Prize:
- $2500
- Perform at multiple Scion events nationwide (travel included)
- Winner will mix Scion CD Sampler (500,000 units)
plus much much more!

Entries must be postmarked by October 31, 2004.

To enter or to see full rules check out:


Tuesday, August 17, 2004

adidas/yohji yamamoto website 

this site just makes me want to cry...

Monday, August 16, 2004

Derrick is good

Friday, August 13, 2004

Crocodile? Looks like one... 

This makeup of the original Samba gets a reptilian makeover.

Look at this shoe long enough and you would swear this thing was alive...

I'm really, really, really rich, beeyotch. 

Not sure what homeboy is so mad about. Maybe it's not anger, but the look of disbelief that he was really just given a $50 Million contract by Comedy Central. Congrats to Dave, not just for gettin' that provolone, but for also being the only dude I have ever heard use the word "bama" on television (for those on the left coast, that means "mark-a** buster").

Thursday, August 12, 2004


Bonjour my friends. Ever wonder what Paris Hilton sports when she's not working the red carpet or Nick Carter? Here's the answer...she sports gear from Hawaiian Island Creations, or at least poses with the goods from the islands.

mahalo to da' braddah "b" from H.I.C. for the images

It's been long time my friends, but PEEP THIS!

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

It's close to tijuana... 

Sole Searching Vancouver 

Our friends in Vancouver are doing it again. Last year they threw an event called Sole Searching, informing the rest of the world that there are a bunch of Canadians who like sneakers too.

Check it out:

click here for a larger version of the flyer

Earlier in June, Sole Searching: A Tour Dedicated to the Sneaker was held in Toronto. On Thursday, August 19th, the Sole Searching family will be back in beautiful Vancouver where it all started. Located in the spacious Atlantis Nightclub, Sole Searching will be just as incredible as ever: booths will be set up by their major sponsors, stunning sneaker art pieces will be displayed, local djs will keep the party moving, and chances are, every person there will go home with some sort of giveaway provided by their amazing roster of sponsors. Oh, have your cameras ready too. The Sole Searching Fam said they'll also be unveiling an unbelievable collection of shoes gathered from some of the craziest sneaker collectors in the West Coast. Sounds good! If you're in Vancouver on the 19th, this is where you should be. For more info, visit

Vapors Issue Release Party (NYC) 

If you're in New York this week you might want to check out the east coast version of the Vapors Release party. If you're in LA, don't forget the west coast version tonight. Look down for more on the LA show....

see you there!

Friday, August 06, 2004

Rest in Peace Superfreak 

Rick James, the man who got Eddie Murphy a hit song, is dead at 56

click here

rest in peace

Thursday, August 05, 2004


With the summer months here, Hawaiian Island Creations is dropin' new goods for you to sport when you're ROLLIN' to Moorea, or just kickin' it at Rubios. For your viewing and wearing pleasure, peep out the ROLLIN' T-shirt design and for your head the Moorea straw mesh hat. Where ever you may roam, these goods will get you there with a lil' taste of the islands.

You want to eat your way to Puerto Villarta? H.I.C. and Rubios have teamed up to send one lucky fish taco eater to paradise...Mexico style. But they're not going to send you there alone...oh no. You're going to be travelling in style with four good friends provided by Hawaiian Island Creations. That's and four Andy Irons surfboards will be crusin to the hacienda with you. Cruise into Rubios and fill out the form.

mahalo to da' braddah "b" @H.I.C . for the images.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

DC x Mike Shinoda for Art Center Benefit 

Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park and DC are looking out for the art community, starting a fund through Art Center Pasadena. Support them and pick up the "Clientele Remix" dropping in Late October.

see a larger version

From DC:

Regarded as one of the world's top art and design colleges, the Art Center is Shinoda's alma mater, and holds a special place in his heart.  In his words, "By purchasing this shoe, you will not only be demonstrating your impeccable taste in footwear, you will also be contributing to something I think is very special...A college education has been invaluable to me in my life’s pursuits. We hope that our contributions will afford others similar opportunities."
Named the Michael K. Shinoda Endowed Scholarship, the fund will help give talented young artists an opportunity to attend one of the foremost art and design schools in the world. 100% of the proceeds of the shoe are going to the scholarship, and DC Shoes is matching his funds dollar for dollar.

Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda chose new colors and materials to create his own version of DC’s Clientele shoe. All original art of the box, hangtag, and insole was created by Mike, by hand.

Vapors Issue Release Party 

Our friends at vapors are in the LA vicinity and they're having a little shin-dig...
here's the Scoop:

Come check us out on Tues Aug. 10th if you're in the LA area.
Peanut Butter Wolf, Shepard Fairey and DJ Cheapshot on the ichi's and ni's.
RSVP to to see you there!

Tues Aug. 10
Concorde (1835 Cahuenga Blvd.)
Grown folks only...

Dress code strictly enforced...No Cross Colors, Karl Kani or Gennera (unless
it's hypercolor)



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