November 1, 2005: INNOVATIVE TOTE BAGS CARRY RELIEF FOR KATRINA VICTIMS: Months after Hurricane Katrina disaster, RESONANCE, LLC (a socially empowering clothing company) and INSPIRELIFE launch groundbreaking campaign to involve young people in hurricane relief through the sale of specially-designed tote bags. For every bag sold, projectHERE will donate $10 to Operation USA, a Los Angeles-based non-profit disaster relief organization with ongoing relief efforts in the affected areas.

RESONANCE and INSPIRELIFE, a community-based organization devoted to youth-lead activism, are committed to empowering our youth and encouraging them to be actively involved in providing for the needs of the community. In conjunction with Operation USA and Ashbury Images, they have launched projectHERE (Hurricane Evacuation Relief Effort), a campaign designed to help young people become actively and meaningfully involved in aiding Katrina victims.

On September 30, 2005 RESONANCE released a brand-new line of projectHERE tote bags. The tote bags are specially designed for Katrina relief efforts and are made from a hemp/cotton blend, produced sweatshop-free. For every single tote bag sold, projectHERE will donate $10 directly to Operation USA’s efforts in the south.
In addition to hip and attractive design, it is clear that social empowerment is the real inspiration behind projectHERE. Through the projectHERE campaign, people will be asked to bring donations of essential survival goods (first aid kits, soap, bottled water, etc) to relief events. All donations will be placed inside relief tote bags and delivered to medical clinics for distribution in the affected regions, via OPERATION USA.

In addition to this monetary support, they will also be asked to include a handwritten note of support for Hurricane Katrina victims. RESONANCE recognizes the importance of community involvement and support, especially in times of disaster and recovery. Tote bags will be stuffed with the necessities of life as well as with essential support and encouragement from others in the form of handwritten and heartfelt notes.

The tote bags are available now for $15. RESONANCE is currently accepting orders online via popular online outlets such as and Operation USA is accepting donations online ( and via credit card at 1-800-678-7255; and by mail at Operation USA, 8320 Melrose Ave. #200, Los Angeles, CA 90069


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