by Mike "Dynomike" Panganiban

With only a few days left until the opening of the E3 conference, gamers are left with the anticipation of what to expect at this year's extravagant videogame gathering. Although E3 is normally considered to be one of the largest videogame events of the year, this year's conference is drawing more media primarily due to the fact that the Los Angeles Convention Center will mark the battleground for the beginning of the next generation console war. With the PS2, Xbox, and Gamecube still thriving, these companies are going to bless us with new systems that will blow our minds like never before.

It's tough to say who will emerge from this battle due to the fact that many things are still behind the curtain. With the unveiling of Microsoft's next-gen system last week, the Xbox 360, media and gamers alike are in apprehension of what Sony and Nintendo will reveal within the next few days. With that announcement alone, Sony or Nintendo has to answer back to the amazing presentation of the intuitively designed Xbox 360. Since marketing is always a major role, maybe Sony and Nintendo are still planning their strategical release. Ads for the Sony PS3 have already been spotted throughout the City of Angels and different photos of what seems to be the next generation Nintendo have been posted online throughout various message boards. Screenshots of next generation games have also blessed several gaming sites showing the graphic capabilities of what these systems will be able to handle. If that's not enough for you, actual videos clips of a few games have been posted to make you drool even more.

No one really knows what Sony and Nintendo have up their sleeves. It's only a matter of time until we get complete information on all these next-gen systems. With all this anticipation, all we can do is sit tight and play on our current consoles whether it be the Xbox, PS2, or Gamecube. Just be ready to crack open that piggy bank when release time comes.



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