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NIKE ID @ 255 Studio

In another move meant to appease the high sneaker fiend concentration in NYC, nike has opened a studio specifically for heads wanting to DIY their own pair of shoes. Studio 255, located at 255 Elizabeth St., will host a creative sneaker brainstorm haven where you can iD Dunks, Air 180s, Rifts, Prestos and FCs online. Exclusively at the studio, you can also iD Waffle Racers, as this is not available online. For more information, go to and go to iD Studios under the Collections heading. The official press release is below.

In the meantime, here are some pics for your enjoyment:

and Shoe lineup
with Waffle Racer




Nike iD at 255 Studio

Nike has established a by-appointment, customization design studio in New York City to celebrate the re-launch of, which is now live. NIKEiD at 255 Studio offers people an opportunity to custom design Nike shoes, just as you can on the site, but with loads of creative stimulation.

Design consultants personally walk people through the process of selecting and designing the footwear. Visitors can better see how colors translate from the screen to the end product as consultants show them material and color swatches. Sizes of each of the models are also available to try on so visitors can ensure the exact fit. The 255 Studio also offers an expanded color and material palette not available on-line, as well as specific models.

If a visitor is struggling for inspiration, the consultants can suggest combinations that work well together, or a collection of art and design books are available for reference.

Every element of the interior is deliberately designed to enhance creativity. Nike designers worked in collaboration with interior design duo LED Design to create the environment.

The wallpaper that at first glance looks like Fleur de Lis pattern, but a closer look reveals silhouettes of basketball players and Air Force 1s. There are several patterns within the wallpaper, from shoestrings to the cages of the Presto to clusters of Dunks. A baroque style mirror is actually a repeated pattern of Nike shoes. The double stitching on the couches is the same process as used in the manufacturing of footwear, and the wood from the walnut cabinets all came from the same tree (a common practice so grains match throughout).

To make an appointment for NIKEiD at 255 Studio, names can be submitted on and entered into a random drawing. People will be able to register shortly. Those appointments will be set up after July 1st.