Sunday, February 03, 2008

Town and Country Surf Goes Big

Friday, November 23, 2007

Town and Country 'Bodyboards '08

Just in time for the '08 Holiday Season, our friends from the islands Town and Country Bodyboards release two new board designs for you riding and gift giving pleasure. Introducing the Heritage and the Elite. Two new board designs that will most definitely turn heads in the line up and under the tree!!!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Meet Steven Jackson...No, the other Steven Jackson

Meet Steven Jackson. Not the Steven Jackson most of you are thinking about. He’s not the Pacer with a record, but a body boarder with a Town and Country East Coast twist. Here is a glimpse of the man from Jersey who reps T & C Body boards to the fullest.

Oh, but before I forget… For all of you young booty out there who think those in the 30+ age group can’t do it anymore on a body board, check yourselves. For guys like Kainoa, Stewart, Vargas, Tamega, Antipala, Reale, Press, Lyman, Burks, Dale, Maligro, Kinimaka, Blanes, and Concepcion in the 30+ crowd... we’ll throw it down with all of you young bucks and have you wondering…”How did they do that?”

Introducing Jersey’s finest, Steven Jackson. (Mahalo, to da’ Braddah Paul Pasa at T & C for the interview and pic):

T&C: For those who aren't familiar with you, what is your name?
-Steve Jackson, but most people call me "Action."

T&C: How did you get your nickname?
- I got stuck with it in high school. I had this crazy algebrateacher named Mr. Emmons. He had all these crazy little catchphrases like, "One is fun, but zero is our hero!" He was the firstone to call me "Action Jackson" and it just kind of stuck. I usedto hate it, but I've gotten used to it over the years. Most peoplesay the nickname fits, since I always seem to be running aroundtrying to make something happen.

T&C: Where are you from?-NEW JERSEY!T&C: How old are you, and how long have you been bodyboarding?
- I just turned 32. I've been bodyboarding for 19 years, now.

T&C: How has the sport changed from when you first started?
- It's changed a lot. When I started, back in 1988, there wasmore money and sponsor support on the professional level. Theriding style and maneuvers have progressed since then, and become waymore technical. Back then, Mike Stewart doing big air forward 360's wasprogressive. Now riding has advanced to ARS's and flips. I stillthink Stewart is the best all-around rider in bodyboarding, but Ithink guys like Hubb and Tamega, and the Australians as well, havehelped push the sport to a competely different level. Plus, thesedays bodyboarders are charging bigger and heavier spots than everbefore.

T&C: What are your favorite home breaks?
- I like riding Jenks, Hoffa’s, Brielle Road, Mongolians,Main Beach, and during the winter I'll ride Manasquan Inlet. Igrew up riding Inlet, and it can be really good on a big southswell, but it gets so crowded with beginner surfers during thesummer that it's gotten dangerous. It's not even worth it.

T&C: Do you have a favorite wave that you have traveled to?
- I haven't had the chance to travel nearly as much as I wouldlike, but there is one spot. Domes in Puerto Rico is a really funwave. I'm dying to go back to that place.

T&C: What do you do when you're not bodyboarding?
- I manage 3rd Ave Surf Shop in Spring Lake, NJ. I'm a sales repfor No Friends and Mike Stewart/Science Bodyboards, and a rider/rep for T&C Bodyboards. I'm the Marketing Manager for theUSBA National Championship Tour. I compete on the USBA protour. I'm a correspondent for Crysis Bodyboard magazine. Like I said, I'm always running around trying to make somethinghappen.

T&C: Can you tell me about the T&C team? Who's who?
- The T&C team has some solid riders. Mark and Josh kill it, and Geraldinecharges harder than most guys.

T&C: What's the outlook for TCBB in 2008? Any exciting things going on, ornewproducts?
- There's all sorts of cool things coming up for '08! I could tell youabout them, but then I'd have to kill! Seriously, though, there'ssome good stuff in the works for next year. Keep checking for all the latest updates and details.

T&C: Where do you see the sport of BBing going?
- I think the sport is at a pivotal point, right now. I think the sporthas a legitimate chance to flourish here in the US but it all depends on theriders making a go at the pro ranks, how hard they're all willing to work tomake it happen, and how willing they are to make personal sacrifices. Nogoal is ever achieved without some sort of sacrifice along the way.

T&C: What role do you think you play in the BBing industry?-
- I'm just an underground rider from New Jersey trying to open some doorsfor the next generation of bodyboarders.

T&C: If you weren't involved in BBing, what would you be doing?
- Actually, I had a glimpse of what my life would be like withoutbodyboarding. I was landlocked, living in North Carolina, for a year and ahalf. With the exception of one really good friend (what's up, Simon?), mylife was pretty depressing...working 40-50hrs a week in a supermarket inCharlotte. I was going crazy without the ocean! So, I think withoutbodyboarding, I'd probably be in a psych ward somewhere doing my bestimpersonation of Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's

T&C: Any suggestion for the up and coming groms?
- Yeah. Work hard, stay focused, and don't take opportunities for granted. Appreciation for what you’ve got, and loyalty to those who are willing tohelp you out goes a very long way and speaks volumes about what kind ofperson you are.

T&C: Any last comments?
- I'd like to thank Paul Pasa at T&C Bodyboards, everyone at No Friends,Crysis mag, DSO eyewear, Jason and Beta Bitzer, Larry McGinn, Mike Murphy,Lou Brzozowski, Manny Vargas (for his constant encouragement), KiraLewellyn, Guilherme Tamega, Ryan Rhodes, and everybody else who has helpedto support or inspire me along the way. I owe you all a tremendous amountof gratitude.

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007


he Zoo York Institute is proud to announce an exclusive collaboration with renowned artist, Mike Giant, and NYC non-profit youth organization, Stoked Mentoring.

This noteworthy three-way partnership will yield a limited-edition skateboard deck and T-shirt emblazoned with custom artwork from Mike Giant that’s a stylish tribute to Zoo York, Stoked, and NYC’s five boroughs. Set to release in June, a portion of all proceeds from the sale of both items will be donated to Stoked Mentoring to help further its mission of developing “Successful Teens with Opportunity, Knowledge, Experience, and Determination” through action sports, mentoring, and coaching.

“The Stoked crew feels extremely fortunate to have been supported so strongly by Zoo York since day one,” says Stoked Mentoring Founder and Executive Director Steve Larosiliere. “For the past two years, Zoo has provided us with office space, resources, and access to their team, which has allowed us to serve over 120 at-risk kids in NYC. We’re excited to finally work with Zoo on a project, and we’re honored to have Giant provide the artwork because he’s amazingly talented and a good friend to Stoked.”

“It’s very inspiring to have the Stoked program in-house because it puts us in direct contact with the kids who really drive what we’re all about,” continues Zoo York President Marci Tapper. “By working with Stoked, we can positively impact the lives of local kids and authentically support and encourage the surrounding youth scene here in the city.”

To celebrate the official release of this highly-anticipated collaboration, and to help raise awareness and much-needed support for Stoked Mentoring, a special launch party / fund-raiser will go down Wednesday night, June 6th at NYC hot spot, Pink Elephant. The aptly named event, Stoked Sessions II, will run from 8-11pm and feature live performances by several top DJ’s, an open bar stocked with premium spirits, and event attendees will have the opportunity to purchase collab decks and T-shirts before anyone else. All are welcome to attend this 21+ event, and there will be a required charitable donation upon entry that will go directly to Stoked.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Something we can aspire...

That perfect day. That perfect moment. That perfect moment captured in time. Enjoy.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

First 12 Issues of Thrasher.

The First 12 issues of Thrasher are available for download HERE.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

From the lift, straight to the lounge...

eesa lux-layering was created to remove the shackles of the snowboard industries incredibly static first-layer offerings. If you’re still rocking a long-sleeve cotton-T and hooded sweatshirt when you ride; eesa is the brand for you. eesa makes design-driven innerwear and apparel with a sophisticated focus on functional fabrics engineered with your style in mind. The results are lux-layering pieces that can be worn from lift-to-lounge. Moisture wicking, antimicrobial, and quick dry technology.

Design driven feature benefits include proprietary cuts; slim-fit button-downs and loose fitting rugby’s coupled with our satin-stretch fabric give our garments a great hand and enough stretch to allow unrestricted movement. eesa finishes all of its tops with hidden trigger finger loops that prevent the sleeve from bunching up when you are gearing up without the embarrassment of having a hole in your shirt.

for more info:

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