Friday, December 15, 2006

Slick x Stussy

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

New Shmack Clothing @

Check out the Shmack Dinosaur Split hoodie.
It zips down the middle of the back up to the hood.
You can unzip, take it apart
& mix match the prints to make your own style.
The hoodie has a satin lined shmack print.
It can only be seen for preview at
From LA to New York up to Miami across to Las Vegas
you won't find the split hoodies.
They are only available in VIRGINIA at for pre-sale.
The white "Dinosaur" matches the black "Fossil".
The Yellow "Dinosaur" matches the turquoise "Fossil"
and the Dinosaur Denim matches them all.
Available @

etnies Girls Sneak Peak of Black in Action... Due to Release Spring '07


Hollywood Trading Company Presents GONZ!
Thursday evening, December 14
8 to 11pm, drinks served at...

Hollywood Trading Company
7383 Beverly Blvd., L.A. CA 90036
valet parking provided
R.S.V.P: 323-964-0080

Featuring: The fall-holiday line, a preview of spring 07, the GONZ! promo video, surfboards on display by Anderson Surfboards, and a pre-party for the upcoming GONZ! publication: Wizards of Radness.

Andrew Hogge will be playing his records

GONZ!, Brothers Marshall, Wizards of Radness, Anderson Surfboards, Dewars

What is GONZ!?
While on hiatus from his company Freshjive in 2003, Rick Klotz spent theyear bumming around at the beach with his surf friends, a crew of younger guys he knew throughout the years of coming into the Freshjive warehouse for gear. It was during this summer that he pondered with a good friend, Trace Marshall, of the disdain they had for the current surf scene, the fascination with L.A. history, and the appreciation of beach culture specific to the Los Angeles area.

The need to create an entity as an outlet for creative pranks, some nice gear, and general aggravation towards local banality and narrow mindedness,originally started out with a group photo shot at Malibu in the summer of 03, for a surf club they were starting called BLACK MOTHER FUCKING JESUS. By the end of the year, he decided to create the GONZ! line, which was coined from the nickname of Eric Gross, one of the local kids from Malibu.

"Gonz! was started from a small nucleus of what my friends and I are into, and our unique angle on Los Angeles, having all grown up here and enjoying it to the fullest from the beaches to the city to all the places of ill repute."

Part of the crew of friends have their own unique projects going on. Trace and Chad Marshall, A.K.A. The Brothers Marshall, 1st point Malibu Killers, have their own longboard model on Anderson Surfboards, and are working on aline of neon wetsuits with a Japanese company.

And along with Trace, Rick is in the process of finishing the first issue of their fanzine, WIZARDS OF RADNESS, out soon on the GONZ! site, and out in print in the spring of 07.

Friday, December 01, 2006

shmack skate deck

Appearing in stores within the next few months. . . .

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