Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Bureau

So I know some chill cats that are in the streetwear game, and are surprisingly young-- that go by the name: The Bureau. Composed mostly of nineteen year olds that are possessing equal parts ambition and style, The Bureau is starting to make a name for themselves and garner some of that always necessary and never negative, "buzz." While I could show you all of their upcoming offerings and tell you what's in-store for the near future--why don't we just worry about what's out now? Their summer season, dubbed, "Summer School" is currently available, and these (pictured below) are some stray shots from the line. Having been featured in URB and now available at Workmens stores (and Workmens online) and select spots in So Cal, the brand is bringing bold colors and clever phrases to their designs. With a skate team and a branded skate vid set to drop, you'll soon be checking out this riser. For The Bureau, click here. To cop their wares, click here, or buy directly from their online store.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Sample sale today, and the whole weekend.

Info on flyer. RSVP@

freshjive x digital gravel

All i got was "ITS COMING" so check out digital gravel today.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Breakthru brand of the year

Check out the new hotness from SIMA's (surf industry manufacturer) breakthru brand of the year 2006. These Italian made sunglasses come straight from the action sports mecca of the world...sunny So Cal. What else do you expect from a company at the top of their game..just check out their team riders-Standouts include skaters Bam Margera, Pierre-Luc Gagnon and Kris Markovich, surfers Ozzie Wright, Dave Rastovich, Karina Petroni and Kalani Robb, snowboarders Peter Line, Pat Moore and Iikka Backstrom, MX riders Ronnie Faisst and Beau Bamburg
Check out the moss tweed colorway and the Blaster Ozzie Wright's new signature frame.
To cop your pair and for more info

Thursday, August 03, 2006

EstateLA & Leroy Jenkins

ESTATE los angeles is another side of elmcompanyThese local cats specialize in fitted caps. I heard that they have some very good collabos in the works as well as a full line dropping soon..the first collabo with infamous Leroy Jenkins will be available soon through Digital Gravel. These are super fresh and made with some high quality material. There will also be 24 pairs of matching Leroy Jenkins shorts availble through Digital Gravel too. So be on the lookout...don't worry, I heard of some other collabos that you don't wanna miss out on...stay tuned..
Check out

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Size Up!

One shirt from the new line has gotten alot of coverage lately. Is it because of its memorable quote from one of the most admired hip-hop groups? Size Up is straight out of LA LA!

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