Tuesday, August 15, 2006

DVD of the week

Citizen Dog. Wisit Sasanatieng, director of Tears of the Black Tiger, visually amazes viewers with oversaturated color schemes and fairytale-like images. If you enjoyed Jean Pierre Jeunet's Amelie, Sasanatieng will immerse you in this unusual love story involving a smoking teddy bear, a ghostly motorcycle taxi driver, and a lizard with grandma's head.

Videogame of the moment

Remember the good ol' days of placing a quarter in line to get a chance to play as the hadoken-throwing Ryu? Now you can, sort of at least. Street Fighter II' Hyper Fighting is now available on the Xbox 360. Through Live Arcade, you can go against anyone else on the network without searching for a local arcade that still has this classic. If you're a fan, then this one is a must.


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