Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Story Of The Wu Tang Clan.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Respect from Ludacris to Common... and back.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

More Cut Chemist

With the impending release of THE AUDIENCE'S LISTENING coming on July 11, here are more clips and tracks from the Los Angeles based vinyl virtuoso.
Taking his time to produce this solo venture, Cut Chemist has cut out all the fat and left us with a hefty, meaty, tasty cut of music.

Check it out:

The Garden
Storm (f. Edan and Mr. Lif)

Video Footage of Cut Chemist record shopping in LA:
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Quicktime Med
Quicktime Lo
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Windows Video Lo

Stones Throw Drops: ST10

ST10, is Stones Throw's freshly released compilation featuring their classic cuts and a few unreleased gems. The two disc (or 2xLP) is currently available at Guitar Center locations nationwide, and has a tracklisting that should render a novice listener of the best and longest running (in terms of genre relevance) art-house label, a knowledgeable veteran of their sonic exploits. From Madlib as Quasimoto, to founder PB Wolf, to a guy named "Doom"--all are given some run. Lootpack as well. Pick it up, and praise the label that really did "keep it real." Or maybe they kept it true? Regardless, show 'em some love. Since they've been doing just that for us fans, for a decade, now. Peace.

Monday, June 19, 2006

got vans?

VF Corporation one of the worlds largest apparel companies acquired Vans shoes a few years back. I was driving home and I actually heard the "Vans" song by the Wolfpack for the first time. Needless to say, VFC (Common Stock-NYSE) fell -.35 to close at $65.17. Don't get me wrong, Vans is a great company and the Van Doren fam is awesome, but I'm curious to see if this song will do what Nelly did for the Nike Air Force I...cuz for some odd reason I wanted to buy some Vans slip-ons after hearing that song on the radio. See what happens when you are stuck listening to the radio in rush hour traffic.

"I got my vans on but they look like sneakers"
I seriously thought Vans put out a radio comercial, but then I realized it was a real song. wow...

Sunday, June 11, 2006

New Roots Single-“Don’t Feel Right”

(pic courtesy of www.okayplayer.com
One of the most anticipated albums of the year, The Roots’ Game Theory is set to be released on Def Jam Records on August 15th. Audio streams for lead single “Don’t Feel Right” are now available. If you haven’t heard this hot track yet, check it out!
(Windows media high)
(Windows media low)
(Real media high)

Yo ?estlove kills it on the drums...can't wait to hear more...

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Bring Dat Beat Back

Taking place @ Club Highlands /June 7th 2006/
Live on Stage
-Big Daddy Kane
-Phife Dawg & Jerobi (of A Tribe Called Quest)
-DJ Rasta Root
-Special ED
-DJ Red Alert
-Da Monstar Mob

Purchase Tickets @

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Murs - "L.A." Video

Murs, the Los Angeles underground MC (and Living Legend crew member), releases the brand new video for the single, "L.A." produced by 9th Wonder

From the critically acclaimed album (the second entirely produced by 9th), Murray's Revenge

Video Streams:
http://streamos.wbr.com/qtime/wbr/murs/051706/murs_la_220.mov (quicktime lo)
http://streamos.wbr.com/wmedia/wbr/murs/051706/murs_la_220.wvx (windows lo)
http://streamos.wbr.com/wmedia/wbr/murs/051706/murs_la_300.wvx (windows med)
http://streamos.wbr.com/qtime/wbr/murs/051706/murs_la_450.mov (quicktime med)
http://streamos.wbr.com/wmedia/wbr/murs/051706/murs_la_450.wvx (windows med)
http://streamos.wbr.com/qtime/wbr/murs/051706/murs_la_700.mov (quicktime hi)
http://streamos.wbr.com/wmedia/wbr/murs/051706/murs_la_700.wvx (windows hi)

Audio Streams:
Streaming URL: http://streamos.wbr.com/qtime/wbr/murs/audio/murs_la_128.mov (quicktime hi)
Streaming URL: http://streamos.wbr.com/real/wbr/murs/audio/murs_la_128.smi (real hi)
Streaming URL: http://streamos.wbr.com/wmedia/wbr/murs/audio/murs_la_128.wax (windows hi)
Streaming URL: http://streamos.wbr.com/qtime/wbr/murs/audio/murs_la_56.mov(quicktime lo)
Streaming URL: http://streamos.wbr.com/real/wbr/murs/audio/murs_la_56.smi (real lo)
Streaming URL: http://streamos.wbr.com/wmedia/wbr/murs/audio/murs_la_56.wax (windows lo)

Murs (produced by 9th Wonder)

Murray's Revenge
In Stores Now!

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