Friday, April 14, 2006

Gnarls Barkley, St. Elsewhere

Gnarls Barkley is set to blow! Do you remember when we used to say that? "Blow?" I thought it was appropriate at this time, to dust that phrase off. Because that's what this duo, Gnarls Barkley, is about. Singing. Sure they've got a little of that hip-hop in them, after all, the vocals are laid down by Cee-Lo of Goodiemob fame, but they've got a lot that old school funk, rock and soul in them too. At times, their beats thump and their lineage is very hip-hop, but mostly, Gnarls Barkley is about high energy dance tracks. Along with Cee-Lo's vocals, Gnarls Barkley brings along the talent of DJ Dangermouse, whose production work has been the genius behind the sound environment for MF Doom's spacy raps. Dangermouse is also the figure that provided us a reinterpretation of Jay-Z's farewell classic--The Black Album--coating Hova in The Beatles' classic sound. With Gnarls Barkley being a collision of varied musical influences working undeniably well together, could this combination be the next progression toward a new hip-hop genre? We'll have to see. Their full-length album--St. Elsewhere-- is set to release at the beginning of next month and the duo will perform at the Coachella music festival, later in April. I'm telling you...Gnarls Barkley is set to blow!--up, that is.

For a sample of Gnarls Barkley:

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


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Ugly Duckling is back again...and I'm so relieved. The facetious trio brings forth their third album with their infamous tongue in cheek rhymes and horn filled party tracks. Its quite evident who influenced this trio in the rap game. They pay homage with each album, but more importantly they have a brand new sound, even for deaf ears. With a special collabortation track from one of LA's finest underground artists, People Under the Stairs, UD represents west coast hip hop with an old school east coast party vibe, not bad for a bunch of guys from Long Beach. It all comes down to the music...they are here to make good music and have fun doing it. Its quite evident that they are still having fun three albums later.
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Rawkus Records Presents the Procussions

(Pic from
Hailing from Colorado Springs, Colorado, is it any wonder why The Procussions’ show leaves crowds completely blown away by their heart pounding performances and the smell of sweaty t-shirts as newly-won-over fans flood their merchandise booth? Of course not, The Procussions got something to prove! With their message of unconditional love, their undying hunger to knock down musical stereotypes, and their obvious conviction to be 100% themselves, the listener can clearly see as well as hear where The Procussions’ priorities lie.

Now living in Los Angeles and frequently traveling the world, Mr. J Medeiros, Rez, and Stro have made it a point to remain close to who they were when they started in 1998. They are a group from a small town with a big voice and an even bigger heart. This is conveyed seamlessly in their unique sound and intense focus on the "drum". Staying close to their name "The Procussions" believe that the "percussion" is the heart of Hip Hop; its defining quality and driving force. There is no question after hearing and watching these three very different people come together with the same passion, that Hip Hop history is being made. The future for the "genre" is wide-open as groups like The Procussions re-write the rules.

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“The Storm”
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