Sunday, October 08, 2006

Married to the Mob Fall '06

It is officially Fall, ladies, which means it's time to hit up your favorite boutiques and check out the latest styles for the season. When it comes to streetwear, options are usually limited due to the small number of women's labels available, however one collection that sizes up is Married to the Mob's (click on "Fall Hotness") Fall '06 line. The brand was launched in 2004 by Leah McSweeney, and I have to give it her - this collection is by far one of the strongest lineups I've seen up to this point for the ladies.

One piece that's creating a buzz is the "Men are the New Women" tee shirt. Already it's become a favorite with Vogue Paris, who is highlighting the streetwear boutique Colette (currently carrying the MOB line-up, by the way) during Paris Fashion Week. My personal favorites are the "Pill head" tee, an homage to the novel "Valley of the Dolls," and the "MOB Crew" sweatshirt.

The collection is a refreshing change from all the non-sensical colorways and styles that a lot of streetwear junkies are playing out these days. And talk about style: the brand seems to have figured out the fine balance of working high-fashion tastes into their "Most Official Bitches" persona. I'm calling it tongue-in-chic. Anyway, check it out for yourself...


At 7:49 PM, joey said...

married to the mob...the most officiale bitches in the game. its not more i need to say. but its pretty wac that there one of the very few stricley female streetwear lable doin it
y do the boys get all the fun? :(
but wut evs i love those bitches and there hoodies.........


At 7:25 AM, Anonymous said...

how's the sizing of this label? is it big or what? cuz i'm not sure what size to get. thanks!


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