Saturday, September 02, 2006

Swollen Members New album 9/12/06

Canadian rap group Swollen Members are back with a new album, Black Magic,
in stores on September 12th from Battle Axe Records and a new single "Too
Hot." Click on the links below to listen to the track.

Swollen Members Audio Streams

Swollen Members "Too Hot"
WM hi
Wm lo
QT hi
QT lo

Madchild -emcee
Prevail -emcee
Rob the Viking - DJ/Producer

Black Magic

"The most important lesson in life is to make sure you love what you do,"
says a sincere Madchild, who supplies half of the rhymes for the
incomparable Swollen Members, Canada's best-selling urban group of all time.

Swollen's brand-spanking new LP, Black Magic, is Exhibit A in the case that
Madchild, Prevail and Rob the Viking love what they do.

Fuel-injected with passion and laser-focused, the triumphant return of
Swollen is guaranteed to simultaneously rock parties and stimulate minds.

Call the neighbours, wake the kids: They're back!

When Vancouver's multi-Juno-winning Swollen Members toured with Ghostface
Killah in Colorado last February, the energy in the upper-level club was
palpable from the moment the needle dropped.

"People were jumping to every song that we were playing," says DJ/producer
Rob the Viking. "They were jumping so much that, by the fifth song of our
set, they cracked four beams in the floor and they had to evacuate the club
that was downstairs, and ultimately evacuate the whole building and shut the
club down. So we actually did bring the house down that night."

The first official lead single, produced by Evidence (Dilated Peoples) "Put
Me On," features Everlast on the chorus and reflects on lost love over a
painful piano riff. "Brothers" details the group's internal trials and
triumphs. And "Too Hot" is a funky, rollercoaster, street track, guaranteed
to nod heads from coast to coast.


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