Friday, August 11, 2006

Breakthru brand of the year

Check out the new hotness from SIMA's (surf industry manufacturer) breakthru brand of the year 2006. These Italian made sunglasses come straight from the action sports mecca of the world...sunny So Cal. What else do you expect from a company at the top of their game..just check out their team riders-Standouts include skaters Bam Margera, Pierre-Luc Gagnon and Kris Markovich, surfers Ozzie Wright, Dave Rastovich, Karina Petroni and Kalani Robb, snowboarders Peter Line, Pat Moore and Iikka Backstrom, MX riders Ronnie Faisst and Beau Bamburg
Check out the moss tweed colorway and the Blaster Ozzie Wright's new signature frame.
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