Friday, June 23, 2006

the WESC nokia

The Nokia 3250/WESC limited edition travel kit is limited to only 500 pieces. It’s an MP3 player, video player, digital camera, travel guide, style statement, blogger, text messager, e-mailer and more. Oh, its a phone too, if you’re really into that stuff. Its got noise cancelling headphones by Senheiser, they’re a pretty dope company that specializes in audio. Its expandable to 1GB of memory, so you can store plenty of music and media. You can share playlists via bluetooth, mms or email. Its also got this travel application put together by the folks at WESC with special music, videos, graphics and other cool tidbits. You can even change the phoneplate if you like. You also get passport holder, a skateboard wheel, a phone strap and a cool box-with foam! All that separates you from this little toy is roughly 6 bills. A small price to pay for one of the ultimate travel essentials. Get it now at WESC stores.

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