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Introducing Town and Country Bodyboards Maui Shea Sevilla

Not only does this braddah serve it up in the Hawaiian line up but he also serves it up for the UNITED STATES AIRFORCE. Shea Sevilla, a home grown, Maui boy who landed not only a hop in the Airforce but also a ride for Town and Country Bodyboards. Read on as he tells you about his life on and off the island, as well as his views on the state of bodyboarding and his goals. Pay attention my friends....introducing Town and Country's Shea Sevilla.

On a personal note, I would like to send a big mahalo out to Shea for serving his country and protecting our freedom!

NAME: Shea Sevilla
18 RESIDENCE: Maui, Hawaii
TIME ON A BODYBOARD: 5 years. Mostly prone, and drop knee for fun.
DESTINATIONS: Major Hawaiian Islands, California, Western Samoa

1. T&C: How was it growing up on Maui?
S.S.: Well, I think Maui is the best place for anyone to grow up. It’s really laid back and mellow. Everybody knows each other here, so if your cool with one person your cool with um’ all. The surf gets real good during the winter and sometimes during the summer.

2. T&C: How is the body boarding scene over there?
The scene is huge! Everyone body boards. It’s so sick because everyone pushes each other to do more and more mental things in the water. The riders consist of all the boys from Waiehu, Paku, Paia, Lahaina, and Kihei. They all kill it.

3. T&C: Who has influenced your surfing the most?
There are too many to name. But some of my biggest influences in body boarding are Jacob and Jonah Romero, Jimmy Hutaff, the Kauai Killas, Travis Calvan, Kona K, Rilley Dutro, Uncle Leroy, and, of course, Jeff Hubbard!

4. T&C: With everyone going so big these days, what is the next level of high performance body boarding from your perspective?
Who are the guys doing this? I think the next big thing is tow-in body boarding at Jaws. That’s where it’s at; just catching huge waves. The next step after that is to start busting out there.

5. T&C: What is the most mental thing you’ve seen anyone do in the water?
I think just body boarding, in general, is pretty mental. These days, everybody is going big and just launching really high. So yeah, just body boarding.

6. T&C: If you could surf anywhere in the world, with anyone you wanted, at any size, where and who would be there?
I would love to go back to Samoa with all my buddies and just score it because there was this perfect day while I was there while I was there the last time, but, unfortunately, I couldn’t surf. It was 6-8 foot, off-shore perfection. We couldn’t surf because it was Sunday and that is the time of rest.

7. T&C: In your own words, what has body boarding done for you?
I think it’s a great way for young people to stay out of trouble and keep busy doing something. I mean, that’s what it did for me. We all know you only do it for the fun and not the money because you can’t become a millionaire bodyboading.

8. T&C: What is your view on contests?
I think contests are great because through them you get your name out there. Not only that, you also make lots of lasting friendships. At every contest, you meet new people and see the sport growing. Basically, I think the best part of doing contests is the friendly comradery.

9. T&C: What are you goals, in terms of body boarding and life in general?
Some of my goals are to keep having as much fun as I do body boarding. In life, I want to travel the world, own my own home, and live happily ever after.

10. T&C: Where are you at these days?
Well, right now I’m in Texas serving the United States Air force. I’m serving my country and seeing the world.

11. T&C: What do you do in order to keep your sanity from not being able to surf? S.S.: I always keep updated on how the surf is on Maui through friends and the internet. I also have all my clips on my video camera, and I also watch lots of body boarding videos.

12. T&C: What is your favorite type of music?
Actually, I listen to anything and everything. I wasn’t a big fan of country, but in Texas everybody listens to it. So I’m starting to listen to some of it. I like rock and rap. It keeps me amped.

13. T&C: Any last words?
S.S.: I would like to thank GOD for each and every breath I take. I would also like to thank my sponsors: Town and Country Body boards and The Foam Company. Also, to all my friends on Maui…keep boogie boarding.

14. S.S.: Last of all, Thank you to Mark Blanes (aka. Mark Well B), Fixins Sports, TCbodyboard staff writer Evan Fa, these are the people that made this interview happen. “If things seem to suck just hang in there because it only gets better!” Shea Sevilla

mahalo to PAUL PASA @ Town and Country for the interview. aloha!


At 2:04 PM, Anonymous said...

Shea, your the MAN!!!

At 8:08 AM, Anonymous said...

no markus well b is the man

At 10:47 PM, David Funch said...

my good friend chris won helped with standing boggie boardin for t&c. havent seen him since i was in the usmc in kaneohe 92-96. back in michigan.any one know him and how i can get back in touch with him.Mahalo. david F.


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