Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Compound Concoction

Guestroom Gallery features the works of twelve American and Japanese artists in the space it shares with Mark Woolley’s Gallery under the Wonder Ballroom at 128 NE Russell in Portland. The show, called Compound Concoction, is curated by Katsu Tanaka of Portland’s Compound Gallery and Just be Design. The artists’ works will be on display now through May 31st, 2006 at Guestroom. Eleven of the artists Katsu has selected for the show live in Japan, with Compound Concoction marking a rare opportunity to view many of the artists’ works in the US. All of the twelve artists represented in the show have been influenced by Japanese art.

The other artists are:
Erik Sandberg, Kosuke Ikeda, Kazumi Ozaki, Momoyo, Re:VERSE, Yugo Fugita, Anyuu Rizumu, ZanPon, Akira Wakui, Cicci and Sally, Evan B. Harris


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