Thursday, March 09, 2006

DJ Green Lantern Presents: "Impeach the President"

It's been a minute, since the days of Public Enemy and "Fight the Power." Ironically, it seems that the political era that P.E. was rocking the mic in, which provided them and other "conscious" artists so much creative fodder, has seen an eerie return. Just as a review, let me see... a US war in the Middle East, a slumped economy and growing deficit, a president named George Bush, and a natural disaster that was none to flattering to the administration. Hmmmmn. Are we talking about the late 80's and early 90's? No. We're talking about the present day. Sadly, hip-hop's collective social consciousness hasn't caught up or is it that it hasn't backtracked?--to the times of it's more vocal past. Regardless, here are some cats that are paying attention. Presented by Eminem's former DJ and newly signed "Russell Simmons Music Group" artist, DJ Green Lantern, with the help of Dead Prez, Just Blaze and others, here's some new "old school," audio reminiscence:

"Impeach the President" feat. Immortal Technique, Saigon, and Dead Prez--production by Just Blaze

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