Friday, February 10, 2006

They're Back!

Ahhh, for those of you livin' in the So.Cal area it may feel like summer. 85 degree temps, thumpin south swells, and perhaps a hint of the Santa Ana's, all make a braddah feel a little nostalgic. So to cure the craving for summer our friends at Hawaiian Island Creations give you a taste of what is to come soon for the summer. Introducing "a trunk to be named later" coming to a shop near you. You can peep these trunks out at Surf Concepts, ET, Val surf, and Jack's. So get out there and cop some trunks...HIC trunks to be exact.

much mahalo to da' braddah b @HIC for the image. Hey B, training is going well. I Need to get out on da' bike though. Aloha.


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