Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sound Providers- Looking Backwards 2001-1998

This review is gonna be a little different. No clever lyric reiteration, no revealing of original sample artists, no analyzing beats. I can’t tell people what to like and what to buy. What I can do is tell you my experience listening to this album. So here we go…

As I sit and stare at meaningless numbers, mountains of paperwork, and pictures of places I’d rather be, I pop in a CD I was more than happy to review- Sound Providers- Looking backwards 2001-1998
This album is a compilation of material that gives you a rare look as to what was going down in the SP lab between 1998 to 2001. Some tracks were previously released, but there are a few funky gems that have never seen the light of day. The title itself already puts a smile to my face as it helped me revert to days of less stress and good times. Once the first track hits, it takes me back to the good ole days when I would drive to fat beats LA on my lunch break to pick up a new set of doubles, skratch on my turntables til the wee hours of the morning, and stay up to tape (that’s right I said tape) the Wake Up Show and Fri Night Flavas. Damn good times! This album is full of smooth jazz that take me back to digging in a small dusty record shop in hopes of finding records that make close your eyes and nod your head, funky beats that make you wanna dance like no one was watching, and just straight good music that makes your fingers dry and painful like you've spent hours diggin for dusty records that have a distinct aroma unfiltered cigarettes from the 60s and 70s..(ahhh a feel a good sneeze coming along)

I have come to a conclusion that good music makes your mind wander and takes you to a place where every move you make matches the beat and ultimately becomes a soundtrack to a daydream. I'd like to thank the Sound Providers for getting me thru the day…give them a listen, see where you end up.



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