Monday, January 30, 2006


The UNDR-CRWN site ( is up and running. We first showcased UNDR-CRWN in our Vegas Trade Show review last year. Since then, we have seen them popping up everywhere. UNDR-CRWN has definitely made heads turn with their hip hop and basketball influenced designs. Will we be expecting more from UNDR-CRWN in 2006?!?!

DJ Neil Armstrong Collaboration - Sugar Coated

UNDRCRWN and DJ Neil Armstrong of the 5th Platoon joined forces to bring you the SUGAR COATED BOX SET. This collaboration comes with:
4 DJ Neil Armstrong CDs
Sweeet, Bitter Sweeet, Smoove and SUGAR COATED
UNDRCRWN exclusive Tshirt
Custom cereal box to keep it fresh for Valentine's Day in OhhhhSix.
Only 300 released (almost 200 already sold...get 'em NOW)

Definitely...UNDR-CRWN will be putting it down in 2006!


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