Sunday, January 29, 2006

Malkovich & Omni

Check out L.A. emcee from the Gershwin BLX crew, Malkovich features production from NOCTURNAL RON, EARGANIC, ABCDEFG, OBI and NOBLE and emcee cameos from MILX, UNIVERSAL and ALI ABNORMAL. Malko just got off the MYSPACE.COM/FATLIP U.S. Tour which hit 25 cities over October with Omni, Fatlip, PudgEmcee and Supreeme.
L.A. emcee and BLX member Omni’s new album Ballyhoo. The album dropped last week (January 24) on Ariel/KSD and features guest shots from Mikah Nine of Freestyle Fellowship, Fatlip of Pharcyde fame, Wildchild of the LootPack, Luckyiam.psc of Living Legends, Sklim Milx and Molmaniak of BLX, Ali Abnormal, Universal, Pudge and Jefferson DeJesus as well as production from Earganic and the B9000 collective. It’s the new West Coast movement… old to the new. Definitely worth a spin, if you’re into hardcore, style-heavy hip-hop that’s not afraid to get dark…


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