Monday, January 30, 2006

Birds of Pray

Merry Karnowsky Gallery is proud to present Birds of Pray the latest exhibition of paintings, drawings and soft sculpture by FriendsWithYou artists Arturo Sandoval III and Sam Borkson. The exhibition is an exploration of the ‘flora and fauna’ of a whimsical world -- where a new classification of mystical creatures and spirits exist just beyond our rational everyday. The duo’s artistic approach and sensibility, which often seem closer to that of visionary poet, is startlingly fresh and idiosyncratic: with mythical images that are possessed by an extraordinary charm, wit, and imagination. Focusing on seemingly fantastic aspects of an apparitional landscape - e.g. spirits, hooded talisman, sacred creatures – FriendsWithYou privilege and celebrate the phenomenal, the hybrid, the marginal, and the invisible. For this gallery exhibition FriendsWithYou will present a discrete group of paintings produced over the past year, along with a multi-piece installation featuring wood sculpture, giant snakes, plush skins, and other magical deities.
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