Wednesday, December 28, 2005

dunk/belt by eric q

What do you do when you're a sneakerhead who needs to keep his pants up? Well if you're as cobsessed as professor q is here, you create the dunk/belt.

Sorry folks, jeans not included.

Click the picture for a closer look.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Air Max 95 x Dave White

Air Max 95 10 Year Anniversary

Dave has collaborated with Nike to celebrate the anniversary of the AM95. A series of 3 Air Max shoes have been designed in the original grey/neon colours paying homage to the initial release in 1995. The Exclusive AM87, AM90 and AM 95 will be released at the ‘Wet Paint’ event at Size? Carnaby St on Friday 16th December at 5.30pm. Numbers are very low so get there early.

The Pack includes exclusive giveaways (customised Tywek Jackets) with a sketch of each shoe are free with sneaker purchases and shoes are presented in a special box which includes Daves image inside. The boxes are reversable on one side is the AM95 OG style box.

Dave was asked to paint all three of these new sneakers below to celebrate this event and to customise some plain AM95’s too. The highlight will be a live painting at the venue. Limited edition prints of the 3 grey/green sneaker paintings will be available at this event and from the studio.

More information @ or email

Thursday, December 08, 2005


The brainchild of Niko Achtipes and Dominick DeLuca, the C1CRA vs BP shoe was designed with the LA-based skate and streetwear boutique in mind. Keeping with the LA vibe, the shoe was designed to be noticed: patent leather, glossy black, lime, and pink. For a cleaner look, the shoe features thinner padding and outsole along with a narrower lace system, as well as a custom insole.

Founded in December 2002 by Dominick DeLuca, Hiro Nagano, and Merf Osborne, Brooklyn Projects sought to revive the heart of skateboarding in the form of a street-wise skate-boutique. BP quickly became as LA's premiere skate headquarters, with skate boutiques worldwide following suit.

Only 100 pairs of this shoe have been produced worldwide, which will be available this January 2006 at the three Brooklyn Projects locations, LA, NYC, and Hiroshima, Japan. The store's Melrose location which features a custom C1RCA/Zoo York mini ramp in its back yard, will host the launch party to reveal this blazing shoe. A custom t-shirt has been designed as a giveaway for the release party, wherein limited quantities will be available.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

JB holiday @ Barneys

Without JB, it would be _ingle _ells!!!

JB CLASSICS is currently releasing select styles at the below Barneys locations during the Holiday season, For details on the store locations please view the below address information or visit

go do some xmas shopping now!

more on jb? click here

new tagur website up

Just went live. Check back at the end of the month
to see pics of the customized shoes by Dave Kinsey, Chuck Anderson, Faile,
Evaq, Josh Wisdumb, Jor 1, Mars One, The Heavyweight Crew, Neuarmy,
Toshiki Nakatani, Stephen Holding and many more!

Gravis Celebrates Futura's 50th in Hawaii

Gravis teamed up with Recon, Futura Laboratories, Island Snow, Maharishi, Medicom Toys and Nike to celebrate the birthday of one of graffiti's most famed artists, Futura. The party, aptly named Hawaii 5-0 for Futura's 50th birthday, was a three part party and exhibition - with a dinner held on Thursday, November 10th at the Elks Club, an in-store exhibition at Island Snow and an after party held at the W Hotel Diamond Head.

A total of 50 of Futura's closest friends and family flew in from around the globe. Among the exclusive dinner party guests were Stash, Z-Trip, Gravis rider Kalani Robb and Team manager, Akila Aipa., pro-skateboarder Vinny Ponti, and Obey artist, Shepard Fairey. Each guest was presented with an exclusive Gravis Jetway bag with "Hawaii 5-0" and "Futura" embroidered on the outside. The inside lining was screened with many of Futura's different tags from over the years.

The next day, Island Snow held an exhibition at their Honolulu store in honor of Futura's legendary career. Both Stash and Futura's prints were on exhibition at the store which is open to public viewing till the end of November. A swanky after party at the W Hotel followed the show where more than 300 guests showed up to celebrate Futura's birthday. Guests were treated to free limited Recon beach towels and beverages by The King of Beers, Budweiser while chilling to beats by DJ Smoke.

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