Monday, December 12, 2005

Dean Gray Tuesday 12/13

Dean Gray Tuesday

For those into mash-ups or Green Day, you may want to check this out.

Only 10 days after its release, the mash-up album American Edit, which pays tribute to the acclaimed Green Day album American Idiot through some of the best mash-up productions of 2005, was shut down reportedly after received a cease & desist order from Green Day's label, Warner records, despite the fact that it was released as an internet only release with no commercial gain for the team of mash-up artists involved. In fact, the only possible profit to be made from the release was a plea from the creators of the album (known only by the shared alias Dean Gray) for fans who enjoyed the creation to donate to one of three possible charities that Green Day have been known to support. Furthermore, the mash-up versions were such fantastic productions that they were truly a departure from the standard Green Day performances and would not compete for consumptive dollars.

For more info on tomorrow's protest, click on the banner above or here.

Update: It's 12:37am and Dean Gray Tuesday is in effect. Click on the banner above to get all the tracks. These mash-ups are probably the best I've heard in a while. Remember, you only have until midnight tonight!

Friday, December 02, 2005


Hip Hop trio, Dilated Peoples, is scheduled to drop their 4th album this Feb. A group that personifies hip hop culture, Dilated returns to save us from the mudane, irrelevant, unoriginal, and nonsensical popular music of today. When asked about the album, Rakaa explains. "With this record, we wanted to really get back to a real, uncut pure vision and get back to the pure, boom-bap sound that really made us all get together as people and want to make music together."
His quote should get you excited about this forthcoming release...I cant wait til this album drops! check out the links for single "Back Again"
Watch the "Back Again" video here (Windows Media Player required): WMA
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Listen to "Back Again (Windows Media Player required): WMA
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Goapele (Gwa-pa-lay)

A track to ease your mind from some of crap that is on the radio these days. You cant go wrong with the soulful and soothing voice of Goaplele. Open your ears and mind and you might be able to sleep at night.

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