Monday, October 31, 2005

I wish i had this phone

Is the ROKR dead already? Not in the US at least as this phone will not yet be available in the US... but for those people in Europe and Asia, you guys are lucky bastards.

This thing boasts 470MB internal memory and support for a Memory Stick duo up to 2GB... that's way more than the iTunes phone. But that's just where it starts. It has videophone capabilities, a 2megapixel camera, video playback at 30 frames/second, FM radio, bells and whistles galore, and its a good looking phone.

check the W900 out here

and for all you peeps who still need to iTunes in their life you can use iTunes with your Walkman phone!
click here for more info

Friday, October 28, 2005

Breed Love Odyssey Tour

Sweeping across the nation, PlayStation® proudly presents one of hip-hop's most influential newskool visionaries - Mos Def. Mos, along with Talib Kweli*, Pharoahe Monch and Jean Grae join forces with PlayStation to launch the Breed Love Odyssey Tour kicking off October 28th. Teaming up our multi-media PSP system with musician/movie star Mos Def (whose recent movies The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and Italian Job are available on UMD) makes perfect sense!
Street Teams will be showcasing the newest games and features of the PSP system to concertgoers while distributing CONNECT Cash cards for EXCLUSIVE music you'll MOS DEFinitely want to have! As if that weren't enough, the first 50 people to show their personal PSP systems to the Street Teams will receive NBA '06 for their PSP system AND 25 more song downloads (a.r.v. $65)! ** Check back for the latest info on routing and the promotions page for info on an upcoming sweepstakes where someone will meet Mos Def! Now that's what's up.

For more info on dates, go here.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

masters of horror

Starting this Friday and for the next 13 weeks, Showtime will air their
latest Original Series, Masters Of Horror at 10pm.

Each episode of Masters of Horror will showcase an original 1 hour long film from one of 13 legendary directors that promise to shock, terrify and captivate even the most discriminating horror film fans.

The 13 directors involved include Dario Argento("Suspiria," "Terror at The Opera"), John Carpenter("Halloween," "The Thing"), Larry Cohen("It's Alive," "The Invaders"), Joe Dante("The Howling," "Gremlins"), Mick Garris("Riding the Bullet," "The Stand"), Stuart Gordon("Re-Animator"), John Landis("An American Werewolf in London"), Tobe Hooper("The Texas Chainsaw Massacre," "Poltergeist"), and Takashi Milke("Ichi The Killer," "Audition").

The first episode to air on 10/28 is INCIDENT ON-AND OFF-A MOUNTAIN ROAD -Directed by Don Coscarelli ("Phantasm," "Bubba Ho-Tep")
View the trailer here

The Lomo Horizon

Lomo's special edition of the old skool 120 degree field of view camera. This panoramic camera is being reintroduced by lomo in only the style tht lomo can do. This thing takes the dopest pictures. Shoot straight on, and its a perfect level panoramic, shoot it with a little angle up or down, and it takes on a whole different character. Images distort and curve and that's when you can really see the unique features that a 120 degree scan photo has.

check it out here

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Rocky 6?

Yes, it's true. Sylvester Stallone made it official that he will star as the famous Rocky Balboa in the six installment of the beloved boxing franchise. MGM, Revolution Studios and Columbia Pictures jointly announced on Monday that they'll each chip in some coin and co-produce the picture, while Columbia Pictures will distribute. The film is tentively scheduled to shoot in early 2006.
Read more here.

Nintendo goes wireless with McDonalds

Nintendo has signed an agreement with Wayport, a leading provider of wired and Wi-Fi high-speed Internet access in public locations, to extend Wi-Fi service to Nintendo DSTM users at nearly 6,000 McDonald's restaurants across the United States. Through the agreement with Wayport, Nintendo will offer complimentary access to Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection, the video game giant's new wireless gaming service that goes online Nov. 14.
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Monday, October 17, 2005

It's the Warriors....

Just wanted to give a heads up to those who are looking forward to The Warriors videogame. It's been a while since I first learned about it at E3, but the game is finally due out tomorrow 10/18. The film-based videogame has come a long way, but looks very promising for those wanting to bash the living death out of rival gangs. I've seen a few video clips of the game and I have to admit the violence is right where it belongs. Rockstar has utilized a combat system that will allow players to bash other gang members into walls and smash their faces into cold hard concrete. Not only does the fighting system seem multilayered, but there is also a 2 player co-op mode that will allow a second player to jump in and out of games whenever they feel like. Alongside the story mode that is true to the film, there will be additional gameplay modes.
Seems like Rockstar has put a lot of time and effort into making this a worthy game to pick up. Go to the Rockstar's The Warriors site for more info.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Sony upsets Christians with Ad

In the console wars raging between Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, taking aim at a competitor not only makes for good gossip and quotes, but also it's expected. No one will blink an eye if Microsoft irks Sony or if Nintendo brushes off Microsoft. But regardless of one's religious preferences, it's probably not a good idea to incense the big man upstairs or the house He built. Read full story here.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Mac OS 7.5.5 in the PSP?

For more info, go here.

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