Monday, August 22, 2005

Nike Classic Jackets @ BENEATH

BENEATH will launch the new Nike classic hoodies and windrunners this Thursday, August 25th. The flyer illustrates what you can do with the jackets. New women's leather hoodies and woven Zoom blazers in black will be available as well. Make sure to check out BENEATH for new limited Nike gear.

Flyer translation:
Nike has made a new limited series of windrunner jackets and classic hoodies. All the jackets & hoodies can be unzippeed into two halves and be re-zipped up to make new jackets. Beneath is the only store in Sweden with the collection. Thursday, August 25th, 7pm together with your best friends are invited to see them first. There will be a friends price on Nike all evening.

Kronobergsgatan 37, 3 Tr (one floor up from Allmanna Galleriet 925)
11234 Stockholm
Wednesday – Friday Midday until 7pm
Saturday Midday until 5pm
Phone: 0046 8643 1250

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Dr Romanelli

If you've never seen Dr Romanelli's stuff, you're in for a treat. He takes old nike tracksuits and flips them to some of the most innovative leather jackets in the world. Take a look at the piece he has done with nike shoe material here.

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