Saturday, July 30, 2005

Voice Makes Herself Heard

Growing up the daughter of a classically trained jazz singer and an actor, it seemed inevitable for Voice to express herself through art and music. She gravitated towards her love of Hip Hop culture at an early age, studying the pioneers like Public Enemy, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, The Pharcyde, Eric B. & Rakim, MC Lyte, KRS-ONE and many more blasted beats and consciousness that crept into her headphones through the years. Inspired by them and more recent movers like Bahamadia, Big L, Aceyalone and Medusa, Voice strives to channel the passion, commentary, innovation and delivery that made them great into her own style and flow on the mic.

On this “Mediocre/LA Contradiction” EP, Voice uses her innovative style and razor sharp delivery to comment on the state of Hip Hop in 2005. On Mediocre, she takes aim at the less-than-stellar talent flooding the mainstream hip hop industry, catching wreck over the chopped up breakbeats of Canadian beat maestro Moonstarr. On L.A. Contradiction and Sign Where?, Voice collaborates with Murr (aka Mr. Murray of the Da Grassroots / LAL) to create two serious headnod inducers. On LA Contradiction she rhymes about the realities of living in Los Angeles, laying it out that its definitely NOT about the glitz and glamour. And Sign Where? posts a warning to all emcees planning on signing a major label deal to watch that fine print.
Check out www.ptrmusic for more information.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Sound in Color Presents Steve Spacek

Steve Spacek, the acclaimed voice behind the ground-breaking genre-pushing group Spacek, who were championed by everyone from Entertainment Weekly to Mos Def, is preparing his debut solo album with Sound In Color. It's his great American album, produced largely in Los Angeles. Old partner Morgan from Spacek provided a few beats (check 2nd single "3 Hours of Fun") but the bulk of the beats were created by Steve. Sci-fi and futuristic in vision these beats still manage to take the previously London sound of Spacek into a new dimension. Of course, if doesn't hurt that Steve also brought in beat master J-Dilla [Common/ Badu / Busta] for the albums lead single "Dollar" a stunning piece of modern soul. The legendary song writer Leon Ware also makes a guest appearance in a brilliant duet ('Smoke). Future soul just got way more sexier.
Official Release Date 8.9.05!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Hey Dunnies and Dunnettes...

The good folks at Glow-in-the-Dark Records have been hard at work, both getting their hip-hop archival on, as well as dropping some new bangers for urrybody and urryone.

Zimbabwe Legit: Brothers from the Mother

Unearthed for the first time ever is one of the most sought-after and elusive releases in the history of hip-hop music -- Zimbabwe's Legit's "Brothers from the Mother." Originally completed in 1992, the project never saw the light of day -- save for a lone EP that not only showcased the emerging talents of Mr. Josh Davis (A/K/A DJ Shadow), but has also commanded some of the heftiest prices for a hip-hop single EVER. Finally, after 13 years, you can hear all eleven original Zimbabwe Legit tracks, with production from Shadow, Black Sheep's Mr. Lawnge, and more.

For more ZL goodies:

Doin' Damage in My Native Language music video
Zimbabwe Legit Megamixx (Two X's, so ya know it's for serious)

Fresh off successfully conquering Australia and Japan, Time Machine get your tape deck correct with "Time Machine Radio," featuring 20 tracks of new material hand-picked by the LA-based squad, with exclusive guest shots from EDO. G, Masta Ace, 9:15, Celph Titled, The Procussions, Rashaan Ahmad of The Crown City Rockers and more. It's also the first rap album I've ever heard that doesn't have an interlude of an answering machine message. Good for them.

Both exquisite albums are available NOW! at the Glow-in-the-Dark website. Set forth and commence peepage!!

Monday, July 11, 2005

Thrice on tour this fall!

Thrice is headlining a tour this fall... they're coming home to Irvine @ UCI's Bren Center in October with Underoath, The Bled, and Veda... get your tix for their homecoming... it'll be like old times.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Tropic of Cancer

Tropic of Cancer, an annual art and music benefit themed around the "soul of the tropics," returns this July with another stunning lineup of artists and DJs. The collaborators will transform the 7500 Sq Ft Supreme Trading gallery and bar, into a sensory journey through the cultures of the equator. Proceeds from the event will benefit the Small Planet Fund, supporting grassroots movements around the world fighting the root causes of hunger and social injustice.

The Casita - Tucked away in corner neighborhood gardens of East Harlem, and originatingin Puerto Rico, the casita ("little house") is a place where a community gathers,playing live music, meeting friends, family and preparing an afternoonbarbeque. It is a vernacular structure that dates back to the rich days of PuertoRico's farming economy. This installation, recently constructed for a show atthe Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, is now travelling to NYC for Tropic of Cancer. Created by Doze Green, David Ellis, Chris Mendoza, Jose Parla, and Rostarr.

Art installaion by
Rostarr, Kenji Hirata, Chris Mendoza, Che Jen, Jose Parla, Yuri Shimojo, Doze Green, David Ellis, Rage Johnson

Music by
Toshio Matsuura, Nickodemus, Busquelo, Queen Majesty & Scratch Famouswith Bobo Saw

July 9th - 24th 2005
Opening Party - Saturday, July 9th
9 pm - 4 am
+ bbq 6-9 pm

Supreme Trading
213 N. 8th St
$10 cover, 21+
Directions: L to Bedford
and 1.5 blocks from the station

Friday, July 01, 2005


Guru’s solo project is a stunning success that evokes an array of thoughts and emotions. It’s a true Hip-Hop album and Guru & Solar’s appreciation for the culture and the art form shines through on each track. Guests including Doo Wop, Jaguar Wright, Jean Grae, Styles P, B Real and Talib Kweli all make appearances on The Street Scriptures. The first single, “Step In The Arena Pt. 2 (I’m Sayin’)” featuring mixtape king Doo Wop is hip-hop at it’s best with Guru once again displaying his skills on the mic and riding the track with his trademark voice. So prepare yourself for a lyrical voyage with Guru Version 7.0: The Street Scriptures.

Video for “Step in the Arena 2 (I’m Sayin’)” feat: DOO WOP
click here


In July of 2005 Slum Village will release “Prequel to A Classic” a mixtape that reunites J-Dilla, Baatin, T3 and Elzhi for an array of unreleased material that Slum Village fans will be sure to get open on. Production includes tracks from BR Gunna, Young R.J, Karreim Riggins and J Dilla with guest features from Dwele, Frank & Dank, The Dramatics, J.Issac and Kurupt.
Prequel to a Classic will be in stores on July 12th on Barak Records in conjunction with 845 Records and Concrete Rose Marketing.

Also look for Slum Village to be on tour with D12 this summer in a city near you.
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