Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Guardians by MAD Toy Design

MAD Toy Design presents a new line of products from the Guardians series.

Each set is limited to 100 pieces, and contains a skate deck, tee shirt, and a signed/numbered print. The retail price is $150.00. Guardians are scheduled to hit stores in a few weeks. If you can't wait, the set can be ordered right now via email. (madtoydesign@mac.com) If you order direct, you will have the option of getting the deck customized with a one-of-a-kind doodle on it. This unique option will not be available from retailers.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Drawn & Quartered

An Exhibition Cut In Four Pieces
New Works by Poor Al, Alex Pardee, Chris Coggan & Robert Bowen

Show Runs:
July 23 - August 22, 2005
Opening Reception:
Saturday, July 23, 6-11pm
Subject Matter @ The LAB (2930 Bristol St, Suite A-101, Costa Mesa CA 92626)

Giveaways To The First 100 Guests
Special Notice: Before the show, from 5-6pm, Alex Pardee will be selling and signing his brand new book, BUNNYWITH 2: The New Batch

About Drawn & Quartered
The collective commentary on modernization, advertising and mass production as shown by “Drawn & Quartered: An Exhibition Cut in Four Pieces”, featuring Poor Al, Alex Pardee, Chris Coogan and Robert Bowen. With works ranging from watercolor and traditional canvas work to metal construction and advertising based imagery, the four artists convey their own thoughts and images about the world that we live in today.

Pardee’s style, described as “quick and gritty”, uses a combination of watercolor and ink drawings to “comment on the vacuous nature of pop culture”.

Combining metal construction and natural subject matter, Al’s work interprets modernization by exploring the mechanization of our modern lives. While Coogan’s work uses text and juxtaposition to create images that produce questions rather than answers to the same concept of modernization around us.

Bowen takes a more traditional approach with very detailed natural topics, such as insects and flowers, and contrasts them against skulls to create a hybrid of alive/dead objects, “that pay homage to the days when people really spent time on their canvases.”

For more Information or Purchase Inquires contact: Dana Jazayeri 714-668-9887 or mailto:dj@visualsubjectmatter

Thursday, July 21, 2005


Exhibition runs July 23 - Aug. 16, 2005
Opening Reception Sat, July 23, 7-9 pm
Featured artists include...
Gary Baseman
Tim Biskup
Marcel Dzama
Friends With You
Camille Rose Garcia
James Marshall (Dalek)
Mark Ryden
Shepard Fairey

The EVERYWHERE SHOW is a celebration of artists leaving their mark on all media everywhere. The new generation of fine artists whose voice comes from Popular Culture and uses their new language to find small human truths about our generation through their art. Many came from commercial art, like Warhol, learning to become Master Visual Message Makers, eventually rejecting the confines of compromise in message.

40 Mills Place
Pasadena, CA 91105
ph: 626-535-9757
Tuesday - Friday, 10am to 6pm
Saturday, noon to 6pm
Sunday, noon to 5pm.
Closed Monday.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Canadians have good ideas. Beautiful City Billboard Fee

[Taken from Woostercollective.com]

Them.ca has launched a new project called "The Beautiful City Billboard Fee" (BCBF) in which billboard companies pay an annual fee with proceeds going to support public art. Sort of balancing out the scales a bit.

According to a Pollara public opinion poll, a majority of Canadians support the institution of a fee on billboard advertising that would be redirected into public art. A total of 2006 Canadian adults participated in the survey, 66% of which supported the fee and 11% were opposed. (±2.2%, 19/20) This result was closely mirrored in Toronto, with 66% of participants supporting the proposal and only 15% opposed (±8.3%, 19/20).

The primary objectives of the BCBF are: 1) beautification of the city; 2) creation of employment for artists and 3) diversifying access to visual communication in public spaces to reflect the creativity and multiplicity that exists in Canada’s urban centres.

Them.ca proposes a charge of $6.00 per sq. foot of billboard space per year. Those funds will then be redirected towards public art. Thus, five 15’x25’ billboards could subsidize one small art piece for the cost of $10 000.00 (allowing $1250.00 for administrative and maintenance expenses incurred by city and granting bodies).

On a larger scale, the estimated 5000 billboards in Toronto could generate six million dollars for public art per year.

Jim Garrard, a previous Executive Director of the Toronto Arts Council said - “…To me there's room for advertising in the world in moderation and in balance with other kinds of messages. We don't have that. Our 'pure' artists are certainly at a disadvantage when it comes to resources. A reasonable balance between conflicting agendas is what we always hope for. Seeing more of the best work of our best artists in public places would contribute to that. That would also make this city and the world better places to live in,”"

For more information including: quotes, sources, FAQ, a copy of the full proposal, resources, images and the findings from poll, fo to - http://bcbf.them.ca/

Saturday, July 16, 2005

D.C Artist BORF Has Been Arrested

Washington D.C. artist BORF has been arrested, click this link to read more: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2005/07/13/AR2005071302448_pf.html

Thursday, July 14, 2005

New 10" Smorkin' Labbits

Smorkin' Labbits release July 21 at Kidrobot stores.
Available Colors:
White - Open Run
Pink - Open Run
Glow - Open Run
Orange - 600 only
Powder Blue - 250 only (available only at Comic-con)
Suggested retail: $39.95

Labbits are growing at lightning speeds! Kidrobot has teamed up with
Frank Kozik once again to release a colony of his legendary cigarette
inhaling furballs. You have the mini-Smorkin' Labbits, now get the
big boys!

Photos by Kidrobot.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Matt Sewell's Campfire Songs at Best

Best is proud to present...
Campfire Songs
New paintings, prints, posters and surprises by Matt Sewell
July 14th - August 11th, 2005

5 Back Hill

Monday, July 11, 2005

More Gorillaz Vinyl Figures!!!

Gorillaz Vinyl Figures in Red
$39.95, limited to 2000, Coming July 14th

Gorillaz invade! Thanks to the magnificent mind of Britain’s Jamie Hewlitt, the platinum-selling animated pop group is becoming vinylized. Out just in time for their anticipated second album Demon Days! We have the whole crew: Noodle, 2d, Murdoc, and Russel. Uber-limited edition.

Photos by Kidrobot.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Tropic of Cancer

Tropic of Cancer, an annual art and music benefit themed around the "soul of the tropics," returns this July with another stunning lineup of artists and DJs. The collaborators will transform the 7500 Sq Ft Supreme Trading gallery and bar, into a sensory journey through the cultures of the equator. Proceeds from the event will benefit the Small Planet Fund, supporting grassroots movements around the world fighting the root causes of hunger and social injustice.

The Casita - Tucked away in corner neighborhood gardens of East Harlem, and originatingin Puerto Rico, the casita ("little house") is a place where a community gathers,playing live music, meeting friends, family and preparing an afternoonbarbeque. It is a vernacular structure that dates back to the rich days of PuertoRico's farming economy. This installation, recently constructed for a show atthe Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, is now travelling to NYC for Tropic of Cancer. Created by Doze Green, David Ellis, Chris Mendoza, Jose Parla, and Rostarr.

Art installaion by Rostarr, Kenji Hirata, Chris Mendoza, Che Jen, Jose Parla, Yuri Shimojo, Doze Green, David Ellis, Rage Johnson

Music by Toshio Matsuura, Nickodemus, Busquelo, Queen Majesty & Scratch Famouswith Bobo Saw

July 9th - 24th 2005
Opening Party - Saturday, July 9th
9 pm - 4 am+
bbq 6-9 pm

Supreme Trading
213 N. 8th St Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Directions: L to Bedfordand 1.5 blocks from the station
$10 cover, 21+

Good Wood Gang Launch!!

Go celebrate the launch of the GOOD WOOD GANG! SUPER SIZE GOOD WOOD SILK SCREEN POSTERS limited to 150, PAINTINGS of 1000 GODS and DEMONS (NYC), FREE GIFTS!**, surprises, and more........
WE ARE FRIENDS WITH YOU!!!!! EVERYONE IS WELCOME! here is the information!

1407 3rd Street Promenade
Santa Monica, CA 90401

437 East 9th. Street
(between 1st and avenue A)
in the east village
6 to 10 PM
More information at www.friendswithyou.com.

Saturday Night. Opening Reception for Canceled Flight in LA @ Lab 101


Saturday, July 02, 2005

Invader @ Sixspace June 11 - July 9, 2005

I know this is super late, but maybe you can still go and see it before it's done... looks pretty sick.... sooooooo go peep it!... you know you wanna....

Reception: Saturday, June 11 from 7-10pm (Invader will be present)
Book signing: Saturday, June 11 from 5-7pm
Gallery hours: Tuesday - Saturday from 12-6pm

Rubikcubism: Avant garde artistic movement that appeared in the XXI Century by using Rubik's cubes as a medium to create art. The French artist known by the pseudonym Invader is at the origin of this movement.

On June 11, sixspace will experience an invasion with RUBIKCUBISM - a logical exhibition by French artist Invader featuring mosaics, video installation, and both small and large-scale sculptures. For the past five years, Invader has conducted worldwide "invasions" with custom site-specific mosaic pieces based on the 1978 video game "Space Invaders" created by Toshiro Nishikado; the streets of Paris, Tokyo, New York, London, and Los Angeles (among many others) have become components in his public art planetary invasion. In his work, Invader connects the relatable elements of the past to the inescapable/fantasized about future through a complex weaving of signifiers that reference the iconographic and temporal nature of pop-culture and technology.

With his new body of work in RUBIKCUBISM, Invader has taken himself from the landscape of the street and transplanted himself into the white cube environment of the gallery as he continues to explore his interest in the iconography of 1980s games, including Super Mario but, in particular, Rubik cubes. As a medium, the Rubik cube is consistent with Invader's interest in pixilation, aesthetics, and colors. By moving from two-dimensional works into the three-dimensional sculptural pieces of the Rubik cube, the process of learning about this particular "game" occurred; Invader associates with learning the "rules" of painting. At sixspace, these sculptures, who often times depict his infamous "space invaders," will include hanging and static sculptures as well as a twelve-foot installation created from boxes to resemble large-scale Rubik cubes.

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