Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Art of OneMind Listening Party

The Art of OneMind album releases today, May 31st. For those of you who picked it up and those who want to sample the album, check out the OneMind - The Listening Party.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Common dunk??

With Kanye West by his side, an eye catching billboard in Time Square (New York), and a limited edition sneaker, Common releases his highly anticipated album. In celebration of this album, TheRedLemonStore.com sold 100 pairs of Nike sneakers designed by Common and celebrity shoe designers Krispy Klean. Pretty ill!! If you didnt get your hands on the shoes, then get your hands on the album!!

www.theredlemonstore.com pic courtesy of www.theredlemonstore.com

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Common- BE in stores now!!

Check out the links!!
Watch Kanye West and Common in the studio:
Real Player (Hi):
Windows Media (Lo):
Real Player (Lo):
Windows Media (Hi):
Download (Hi):
http://boss.streamos.com/download/geffen/common/video/epk-interviewonly/300_ hi.mov
Quicktime (Hi):
Download (Lo):
Quicktime (Lo):
http://boss.streamos.com/qtime/geffen/common/video/epk-interviewonly/56_lo.mov br />

See Common explain the meaning behind each song:

Real Player (Hi):

Windows Media (Lo):
Real Player (Lo):

Windows Media (Hi):
Download (Hi):
Quicktime (Hi):
Download (Lo):
Quicktime (Lo):
Watch the video for "Go": http://music.yahoo.com/ar-271325-videos--Common

"Go" audio streams:
Real Player:

Windows Media:

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

ROC Artists- Memphis Bleek & Young Gunz

Check out the ROC artists Memphis Bleek with "Like That" video clip audio clips from the Young Gunz
Memphis Bleek Ecard (featuring “Like That” video clip):
Like That

Young Gunz – “Set It Off” Audio
Windows Media High
Set It Off
Windows Media Low
Set It Off
Real Audio High
Set It Off

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Motown Remixed

The worlds top djs/producers were given unprecendented access to Motown's vault to remix some of the top Motown songs ever made. This ablum has King Britt, ?uestlove, Z-Trip, Jazzy Jeff, DJ Green Lantern just to name a few. See links below for Z-Trips version of Jackson 5 ann a Let's Get It On remix- and others talking about the project from their perspective as DJs/remixers.

Jackson 5, I Want You Back - Z-Trip Remix
Windows: I want you back-Z-Trip remix (Windows media).
Real: I want you back-Z-Trip remix (Real Player)

Marvin Gaye, Lets Get It On - DaProducersMPGGrooveMix
Windows: Lets get it on- DaProducers remix (windows media)
Real:Lets get it on- DaProducers remix (real player)

Watch the video clip:
Windows:Motown Remixed
Quicktime: Motown Remixed
Real: Motown Remixed

Dowload from iTunes

Friday, May 13, 2005

RZA Book Signing @ Fatbeats LA

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Art Of OneMind Single Release of "The Broke Song"

Symbolyc One & Illmind are the brain childs of the Art of OneMind. With their much anticipated project due out for release on May 31st, Spilt Milk/BBE release the first Art of OneMind single, from Strange Fruit Project "The Broke Song".

The Art of One Mind download of "The Broke Song"...

More album information at http://www.artofonemind.com.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Freestyle: Art of Rhyme

Over ten years in the making, FREESTYLE: THE
ART OF RHYME makes its highly anticipated DVD
debut on May 24th, providing an explosive inside look into the creative framework of hip-hop culture and the improvisational art of freestyle where MC's
express themselves by creating rhymes in the
moment. Following some of hip-hop's biggest
luminaries, FREESTYLE explores the art form's
history, rules, legendary MC battles, taboos, social
impact, and the previously unexamined dimensions
of improvisational rapping as a spiritual and community-
based art form. The New York Times' A.O. Scott
hails FREESTYLE as "Joyful! Ferocious! A
celebration of the verbal artistry of hip-hop.
Arousing education in an art form that is too often
misunderstood" while Jami Bernard of The NY Daily
News writes, "The Hollywood version is "8 Mile" but
the real thing is this admiring documentary that
explores the phenomenon with spirit. It contains
footage that is as exciting as an Ali/Foreman fight."

Watch the trailer:
Art of Ryhme quicktime
Win Media:
Art of Rhyme win media


Thursday, May 05, 2005

They're no Amateurs...they're PROS


Bound by a love of music and a drive to produce sophisticated, spiritually minded Hip-Hop, The Procussions is a group of emcee-musicians who hail from Colorado. They formed in late 1990s when members of two rival b-boy crews decided to squash beef and make changes in the Colorado music scene. Five years later, they continue to pursue their mission of spreading life-affirming music and shattering Hip-Hip stereotypes. They know where they’re form, and always speak up for Colorado’s vibrant, multicultural music scene. “Colorado is where we’re from and Colorado is what we represent!”

The Pro’s took a little trip to Japan last month with the homie Othello his wonderful Hipknotics. The Hipknotics band backed up the whole show (on some live jazz type stuff), and The Pros and Othello took turns rocking the mic. Anyway, they took a gang of pictures and a lot of video... check out some of the memories that were made in the very great country of Japan.

Turntable is out of this planet!!!

Vestax QFO
http://www.djqbert.com/ (check out the demo on the home page...ill)

DJ Qbert's dream machine toy come to life! A turntable with a built in mixer, the QFO is the first ever musical instrument made specifically for the skratch DJ! Plug in and play anywhere in the house or even outdoors, with the help of a battery pack. The analog skratch musician can now explore a whole new universe of ideas and inspiration as well as being a professional performer and artist. Featuring reverse button, tone knobs, line ins, and a phenomenal +60 pitch control that goes around the platter near the skratcher's thumbs enabling lightning fast speed changes. With all these controls and more in a compact design, not only will the djs love it, but so will the skratch music producer! See more here: turntabletv.com. And available only on thudrumble.com, purchase a QFO and receive an exclusive Thud Rumble Gift Bag filled with All-Star Dirtsyle Battle Rebels, Needle Thrashers Gamma, a pair of Butter Rugz, and a Beedle T-shirt.

Common's "Corner" remix featuring Mos Def and Scarface

Check out the "Corner" remixes. I cant wait til this album drops!
Windows Media:
The Corner remix windows media

Real Player:
The Corner remix real player

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Big Pooh of Little Brother

If you dont know who Rapper Pooh is... then you better ask your "Little Brother." Rapper Pooh of the popular trifecta, Little Brother releases a solo project titled "Sleepers". This project is typical of Little Brother, with chilled-out production, jazz samples of and down to earth lyrics. In the track, "Heart of the City," Big Pooh uses his music to tell stories of his life and talks about the struggles he experiences in his city. On "Now," Murs of Living Legends provides his distinct voice and lyrical skills to help convey the jealousy and envy that emerge as a result of being in the industry. Sleepers is a wake up call for society to wipe the crust from their eyes and recognize that no matter who you are struggles are part of life and that common element is what should bring us all together- well that's what I think... Big Pooh is the voice of all artists who live life by these 8 simple words: "love what you do, do what you love.." RECOMMENDED 8 out of 10 www.hallofjustus.com

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