Friday, April 29, 2005

Girl Chocolate Skate Demo Tomorrow

This is going to be huge, a demo you do not want to miss.

Monday, April 25, 2005

DVS Shoe Company Presents The Skate More World Tour

DVS Shoe Company is presenting their first skate movie..."Skate More". DVS is launching a world tour to premiere Skate More starting in Los Angeles on May 16th and ending in Costa Rica on June 18th. Be on the look out for the Skate More World Tour in a city near you.

Shred All Summer Long

"AstroRide, new technology offered by NorCal Extreme Sports (nXs), make the possibility of Urban Snow Parks in communities across the US an absolute reality."

Imagine snowboarding year around in Sunny Southern California. Astroride is making this a possibility, Norcal Extreme Sports is offering this product for the first time in the United States, as we have not yet seen Urban/Indoor Snow Parks here yet. Snowboarders could now have the chance to hit any handrail or ledge or gap that they want with this new technology being available in the states, it has the possibility to raise the bar in snowboarding.

For more information check out

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Cardinals get some new duds

(AP Photo/Tom Hood)

How do you tell the public that you have the highest technological uniforms in all of football? You bust out a runway in Scottsdale, AZ and have the likes of Larry Fitzgerald, Kurt Warner, and Marcel Shipp be your runway models. These uniforms, made by Reebok, are some of the best in the business. According to the Cardinals:

The yoke, sleeves, and side panels of the jersey are made of “Knit Cordura,” a high-performance nylon-lycra combination that allows for optimal fit while maintaining maximum strength. The torso of the jersey is made from “Diamond Back Mesh,” a special weave that allows the holes to open up wider and permit more ventilation than the standard mesh. Also, the numbers on the jersey will be made from a special lightweight, stretch-twill fabric that will allow the jersey to fit tighter and better.

They say that the cheerleaders have new uni's too, but since there is no picture, you'll just have to imagine that special lightweight, stretch-twill fabric that will allow the jersey to fit tighter and better, on the ladies.

check out the uniforms at

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


if you want to play horse, don't play with these guys. you may not know what hit you. i know for sure that most nba players cant make the halfpipe shot.

goto and click on march madness.

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