Tuesday, December 06, 2005

WESC's First Annual Collabattle

WESC Proudly Announces the First Annual Collabattle of the Natural Forces of the Brush and the Paint. With Special Guests Chris Pastras and Andy Howell. Saturday, December 10, 2005. 1pm to 7pm at WESC Los Angeles.

Weactivist Chris Pastras (a.k.a. Stereo Sound Agent 547) is known for his smooth and original skating, brilliant art and unique style. This bespectacled wonder is also known for a particularly refined taste in chapeaux and rare Scandinavian wines. He doesn’t get mad, he gets even. And he packs a mean left hook.

Weactivist Andy Howell (Master of Brush and Spray Can) possesses near superhuman hearing abilities, and was one of the first pro skateboarders to master the nollie. Beware- ye would-be adversaries and narrow-minded simpletons! This maestro of many methods is almost invincible when the moon is full...

The event was originally scheduled to be a no mercy, no holds barred cage match of death. Needless to say, this caused quite a media frenzy- with widespread panic ensuing until the National Guard stepped in. Diplomats worked feverishly in order to achieve some semblance of a peace accord, and it was resolved that both camps would lower their arms and support peace in this time of international unrest. In its place, a live mural painting by both participants will delight the populace during this bloodless coup called an art show.

Come one, come all! Old or small, short or tall! Enjoy Food, Drinks, and Merriment at the WESC Los Angeles Store!
144 South Robertson Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90048
310.385.9315 for more information.

Afterparty at Nacional
1645 Wilcox Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90028

Hosted by BoJesse, Dave Doyle, Gene B., Matt Meddock, Chris Friel, Dominick DeLuca, Karianna, David D. and Juan G.
Sponsored Courtesy Bar from 10-11pm
Madame' Karianna's MIDNIGHT BURLESQUE Review by the INFAMOUS Showgirls!
Advance RSVP, Table and Bottle Service are recommended.RSVP contact BoJesse@BJCevents.com


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