Sunday, November 20, 2005

Xbox 360 to be released in one day

For those of you interested in getting an Xbox 360 and didn't preorder back in May, get your lawn chairs and warm blankets out because we're a day away from the launch of the first next-gen system. With a several game stores backed up with preorders on the Xbox 360, several gaming enthusiasts will be lining up early in front of their local super stores for it's November 22nd debut. With two different routes to go, Microsoft is offering consumers two packages to choose from, a premium bundle including a 20gb Hard drive, wireless controller, component cables, a headset, and ethernet cable, and a core package with only a wired controller. The premium bundle will be marked up at $399 and the core at $299.

Also, for those looking to party and were not invited to Microsoft's Zero Hour event somewhere in the Mojave Desert, EB and Best Buy have revealed launch events tonight. For more info, go here.


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