Friday, November 25, 2005


Kidrobot announces breaking news via South America. The supernatural creatures that swipe body fat, known as lik’ichiri, and are said to haunt the Altiplano (highlands) of the Andes mountains, have been defeated by a new, shining red-ray of heavenly light known as the Doma Dunny. This 8-inch vinyl toy hero has been associated with saving the lives and body fat of many Argentine citizens.

The Doma collective is a group of Argentines that started in the Buenos Aires street art scene in 1998. Doma began doing urban installations, stencils, street-projections and absurd campaigns. Since the groups inception they’ve been creating conceptual universes, different worlds and characters that have been evolving to come alive with the groups specialization in animation, motion graphics and filming.

The 8-inch Doma Dunny, will be available in red (limited to 1500) and blue (limited to 2000) on December 8th, 2005. Doma will retail for $29.95 and will be sold at Kidrobot stores, online,, and with select retailers.


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