Wednesday, October 05, 2005

What is your Vice?

Artwork from:
Mark the Cobra Snake, Joe Ledbetter, Kofie, Dez Einswell, David Flores, Luke Chueh, Ogi, Wanyu Chou, The Love Bandits, UPSO, Damion Silver, Alayna Magnan, Alie Ward, Lisa Alisa, Thomas Han, John Gill, Sophia Pottish, Cole Gerst, Christian Morin, Danny Estrada, Daniel Bennett, Plasticgod, Francis Poland, Joshua Petker, Joshua Krause, Isaac Pierro, Nick Yarger, Jophen Stein, Michael Rababy, Brian Stannard, Axelhoney, Matt Titone, Momomoogie, Tracy Robinson and many more...
Music sponsored by Scion and WE clothing
Beverages sponsored by Extreme Vodka and Tiger Beer

OPENING night - Saturday October 8th 8pm-1am
5016 Venice Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA

For more info: or email


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