Sunday, October 30, 2005

Rob Swift- Soulful Fruit

For you real turntablists, Turntable TV enthusiasts and fellow skratch djs, this album should look familiar. This album was one of the many albums of the era that elevated the art of tuntablism. Originally released in 97 by Stones Throw, Fat Beats takes you back with its reissue.
Soulful Fruit plays features the legendary Rahzel of the Roots in a beatbox vs turntable battle with Rob Swift. Its kinda like a question and answer session between man and machine. The X-Ecutioners track, ‘A Turntable Xperience’ holds true to the essence and innovation of the turntable as a muscial instrument. If you don't have this album and you call yourself a "skratch" dj because you can crab and flare skratch, please take a step back and take some time to learn how the turntablism era even began.
Rob Swift has come a long way and has just released a new album titled "War Games". Pick this album up and you can see how much turntablism has evolved since "Soulful Fruit." Review of "War Games" to follow...


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