Sunday, September 11, 2005


Pooling the talents of StesOne, Choice37, and DJ Rel, Longevity Crew is redefining the way music is made. Combining the elements of each member, creating a musical alchemy, Longevity Crew is here to crush all sterotypes of what hip-hop is seen as. Speaking with an innate emotional dexterity yet to be seen within hip-hop, Longevity Crew is quickly craving a niche that is all their own.

Playing to the strengths of each member, Longevity Crew is a rare breed of hip-hop act. With StresOne's Storytelling and lyricism, Choice37's production and wordsmith ability, and Dj Rel's audio foundation, the group coalesces into the tight knit mental fabric of the listener, generating a warmth that can only be described as a meeting at the table of like minds and endless understand. Longevity Crew is here to transport you from the present to the future, using only your ears as a guide.

I'm all about supporting local hip hop, but with the talent that these guys have they won't be local anymore. With thought-provoking lyrics and jazzy downtempo beats, these cats are definitely making moves. RECOMMENDED

check out a few snippets from their album:
Cali (prod. by choice37)
Walk With Us (prod by The Earl)
Seek (prod by MJII)


At 4:13 AM, December 28, 2006, Anonymous said...

Longevity Crew has lyrics that matter

Grace Drifting is my favorite of theirs.
Their music is the kind that has meaning.

At 4:14 AM, December 28, 2006, Anonymous said...

Steal more info/ask me at

I hate
anonymous opions, let ur voice b heard with no fear


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