Sunday, July 31, 2005

A.I. Wins the US Open of Surfing!

Just got back from shooting pictures at The US Open of Surfing today in HB... what a long day. Andy Irons beat out Rob Machado by 1-point-something points to take the win. The waves were pretty much crap but those guys were destroying the waves. The BMX finals at the Soul Bowl was going on as well... not too sure the standings, but I got to witness Joe Rich and Ruben Alcantara ride the bowl... two of my favorite riders... it was sick. Not too sure who did what, but there were double tailwhips, 900's, and massive no handed flairs that were going down in the bowl. It was amazing. I'll post some pictures once I get the film back from the lab. X-Games are comin to town next weekend. Should be fun.



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