Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Nike ID at 255 Studio in NYC

Want to iD the waffle racer, a shoe that is not available to customize online?
Then head out to NYC...

Nike has established a by-appointment, customization design studio in New York City to celebrate the re-launch of www.nikeid.com, which is now live. NIKEiD at 255 Studio offers people an opportunity to custom design Nike shoes, just as you can on the site, but with loads of creative stimulation.

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At 1:26 PM, Dondi-718 said...

I just came from my appointment at the newly opened NikeID studio boutique. Supposedly it's near impossible to get an appointment - I got one two weeks after applying on-line. Either I was VERY lucky or it's not the huge success Nike anticipated. Judging from my experience, I think it's probably a case of the latter. (When I got the call that I was "selected" for an appointment, they asked me if I wanted to come in that same day! Actually, there seemed to be no problem in getting an appointment for any day I wanted.)

Due to all the hype I was really excited about going through the process of designing my own Nike style. I've ordered several pairs from the web site but the one-on-one in-person process seemed to promise much more. I spent a good amount of time thinking about general design concept, design story telling, color and material choices. I arrived for my appointment fully prepared with notes on design and material choices, color chips, drawings and a lot of enthusiasm.

First let me say that the showroom is beautiful... or at least "camera ready" beautiful. (They totally cheeped-out on the ceiling but since no one photographs the ceiling for magazines, it probably didn't matter to them... magazines don’t photograph the ceiling, but more about that later.) Everything appeared to be custom designed: the carved mirror frame, the fabrics, the fixtures, the wall coverings. If you have read the press reviews (taken from the Nike press release) then you know the details.

I counted eight people working there. There are apparently three appointments per hour - one "design consultant" for each. There was also a "receptionist" and another four guys who were doing, well, nothing at all. My appointment took 20 minutes which left 40 minutes free time for my helper. Obviously this is a great gig for the staff! Based on Nike's promotion, I expected to work with a consultant who was "an expert in color and storytelling". Actually, the help seemed like the best staff taken from Nike Town - very pleasant but certainly not design experts.

I knew before I arrived that I wanted to design either a Dunk or Air Force 1. AF1 was not an option (also not on the web site) but I could design a standard Dunk (unlike the website which currently offers only their "Soul of Brazil" collection). They make a big deal that you can try on a sample of the style for fit but let's face it, if you're involved enough of a sneaker aficionado to know about the 255 Studio and go through the trouble of making an appointment, then you probably know what size you in Nike sneakers!

My consultant told me that Dunks were available in suede or calf - I chose the calf. He then brought up the Dunk section of their in-store version of the NikeID web site and began to explain the color choices. “Wait!” I said, “This is it? Just these eight colors for the base part of the sneaker? Only solid colors, no patterns?” Forgive me if I sound ungrateful, but I was really expecting A LOT more choices. I asked to see the swatch book so that I could get a better idea of the actual colors and textures. I was given a 4” thick swatch book with dozens of colors and materials – but again, I could only choose from the few pre-selected colors for the style I chose. Embroidery, laser etching, embossing, perforation, full range of fabric & material choices? FUGETABOUTIT!!! I pointed down to the pair of limited edition Nike Dunks that I was wearing and explained that I had hoped at the VERY LEAST to be able to create something in the same vein since they were my favorite pair and on their way to becoming well-worn. “Well, we don’t want people to be able to reproduce our one-shot designs.” Thanks, but that is not what I was asking to do – I had hoped that if I couldn’t really create my own design that I would at least have the opportunity to create a pair similar to one I already owned and enjoyed!

Granted the colors available were not part of the on-line selection – at least not yet. The consultant gave me the impression that the “exclusive” boutique offerings would become part of the on-line selection the following season. Great! Just what I wanted to hear. So, I could have stayed home for this. I suggested to my consultant that they offer a “prestige service” allowing for a real design experience. Go ahead and charge $350 for it – people will pay for the opportunity to really create something unique using the full range of materials and techniques. A mute point, no doubt, as I am sure my suggestion was going no further then the space between my consultant’s ears.

The consultant I was working with certainly realized that I was disappointed. At no time was the question of “storytelling” mentioned by him. It reminded me somewhat of the difference between going to a true tattoo artist versus just going to someone who know how to use a tattoo needle. A true tattoo artist will usually ask you about your choice, why you want that particular design, what it says about you and how it relates to your life. Here I was with notes about what I had hoped for but at no time did the consultant offer to help develop a design, within the given parameters, to give my ideas a voice. Obviously, overcoming disappointed customers was not part of the training for the job.

I picked an attractive color-way but I would not call the process “designing”. I was not able to create anything close to what I had hoped for. I ordered two pairs of the style I created. (You can design only one pair and purchase up to two of that design. You can purchase two different sizes of that same design.) The Dunks were $95.00 each, not including shipping and sales tax. (The Dunks offered on the NikeID.com site are only $75.00 each.) I received an attractive folder with a color print-out of the sneaker I ordered, a small folder-over with color chips I used, and a souvenir CD.

After the visit, my assumption is this is a temporary venture that Nike has created only to generate press for their ID web site. I’ll be surprised if the boutique is there for more then a year. With a total of 21 appointments per day, the store can only sell a maximum of 42 pairs each day… and this is an expensive undertaking! Regrettably, Nike did not spend the money on offering a better experience for the sneaker or design aficionado. My advice is that if you live in the New York area and you want to try it – go of it! But don’t plan to travel across the country to design your own kicks ‘cause you will be very disappointed. I’ll continue to use the NikeID web site which I enjoy and find has great service but one trip to the 255 Studio was enough for me!

At 2:35 PM, Anonymous said...

I have a friend that has created some of the hottest designs for AF1s and Dunks hi and low tops. Is there any way to get them created? I guess you would have to go outside odf Nike but where?

At 7:11 PM, Anonymous said...

What website did you use to get an appointment?

At 7:54 AM, Anonymous said...

some people got croc skin and patent leather ???? did they get more choices??

At 1:27 PM, Anonymous said...

i was at the studio.. loved to people they helped me out alot i got to do af1 low back in july and it was dang nice you can check pics of it at myspace.com/prestigiousatlanta
the studio is very nice im gonna be going back soon

i have patent leather, pearlized kangaroo leather,gold crack swoosh, gum bottom...nice options i had a blast i was there for over 4 hrs

At 7:24 PM, Anonymous said...

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At 7:54 PM, Anonymous said...

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At 9:45 AM, Anonymous said...

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