Wednesday, June 01, 2005

airwalk reflex

Airwalk's original reflex is back for Fall 2006, proving its fortitude as a
timeless classic and striking a chord with skaters, old skoolers, stylers
and sneaker collectors all over the globe. The reflex's simplistic, clean
design returns in its pure state, delivering high performance as the
quintessential skate shoe.

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At 8:42 AM, Anonymous said...

The Reflexes on the top left are crazy. I am a big fan of refexes and try to buy them when i can find them. They're just too hard to find. I live in nj and I'm in a metalcore band, these are my shoes for life.

At 12:17 PM, Anonymous said...

I was extreamley pissed off when I could not finish the reflex collection! I owend the white and black ones, I got my sister to get the girl reflex. so needless to say I am a worshiper of airwalk or anything they make. I have a small team of airwalk supporters, that will be happy to see the new reflex's and I will get 3 new pairs of reflex's the brown ones to start off with asap love,
and chicken greese! Jakub

At 7:07 PM, DigDug said...

I Own 4 Pairs the first were white/blue and i didn't know they were throwback so i abused them i now own a pair of white/red, white/green, red/black i love and cherresh these 3! I wear a sz 10 and live in fort wayne,IN and cannot find anymore, let me know if you know any good places to look!...cannot wait till fall 06! PS they go great with an atl braves hat or anything braves

At 3:35 PM, Anonymous said...

I have a pair of white and blue, and all black reflexes. i also have a couple other pairs of airwalks. I am pissed that Payless carries airwalks cause they are shit. I got really lucky when i bought mine about a year ago. I have been wearing airwalks for a long time. Love em!

At 1:02 AM, Anonymous said...

I have been a fan of Airwalk since the end of 1995. My first pair were bought out of the JCPenny catalog and were the gray/black low cut(can't remember which model?) with the black along the sides of the sole, and a tan waffle pattern on the bottom of the sole. They also had black laces, and the black 'A' on the outer sides. I LOVED these shoes! Wish I would've bought 5 pair if I had the chance!
I have been looking EVERYWHERE for the new Reflex model(the gray/white/black camo color) and can't find them anywhere!! I have even e-mailed airwalk, and all websites/shops to ask about them. They all replied saying they didn't have any, and airwalk never replied back!
Anybody have any idea where you can get these? If you do, then you must be a magician or a sorcerer!!!!

At 4:57 AM, Brandon from W.Chester ;) said...

I used to skate Airwalk back in the Mid 90's, and NOTHING BUT AIRWALKS! I used to make fun of the guys who wore Vans! I am soooo pissed off that Airwalk doesn't make a decent simple skate shoe anymore. I've started buying every pair of Airwalks in my size off of eBay. I like the Blammo Half-Cabs for skating (Protects the ankle), but I love the Jimmy Con Suede with the Waffle Gum Sole. On MY shoes that I used in the 90's, I still have them, but the gum soles have gone hard. When is Airwalk going to make a shoe I'm proud to skate in again? 'Till then, ETNIES gets my NEW SHOE business! Sucks to be Airwalk!


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