Saturday, May 21, 2005

Motown Remixed

The worlds top djs/producers were given unprecendented access to Motown's vault to remix some of the top Motown songs ever made. This ablum has King Britt, ?uestlove, Z-Trip, Jazzy Jeff, DJ Green Lantern just to name a few. See links below for Z-Trips version of Jackson 5 ann a Let's Get It On remix- and others talking about the project from their perspective as DJs/remixers.

Jackson 5, I Want You Back - Z-Trip Remix
Windows: I want you back-Z-Trip remix (Windows media).
Real: I want you back-Z-Trip remix (Real Player)

Marvin Gaye, Lets Get It On - DaProducersMPGGrooveMix
Windows: Lets get it on- DaProducers remix (windows media)
Real:Lets get it on- DaProducers remix (real player)

Watch the video clip:
Windows:Motown Remixed
Quicktime: Motown Remixed
Real: Motown Remixed

Dowload from iTunes


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