Friday, April 01, 2005

New Release-Kung Fu Hustle

If you love Kung-Fu Movies and you love comedy, this movie will not dissappoint. Now don't think this is another kung-fu spoof like Kung Pao... this is the real authentic Chinese joint. Just watching clips from the website, I was busting up, and that's watching some small ass image on a tiny monitor. The site is one to check out, with lots of clips and images. A new era of martial arts comedy is coming, watch out!


At 1:50 PM, dynomike said...

I give it three hot dogs out of four. Although I paid a ridiculous amount of $27 to see the film at The Grove(film only being shown at the Laemmle, Arclight, Grove, & AMC Century), it was worth seeing for it's slapstick humor. If you liked Shaolin Soccer, you should like this comedy/action by Stephen Chow.


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