Sunday, April 10, 2005

How about a Thai cult film???

In the mood for a Spaghetti Western? How about a musical? A romantic tearjerker? Well you can have all of that in the Thai cult film, Fai Talai Jone also known as Tears Of The Black Tiger. With Citizen Dog now under his belt, Wisit Sasanatieng's first film is a memorable one.
It's raining steadily and a woman in a bright 1940s magenta dress is walking with an umbrella, across a wooden walk way in a picturesque green lotus-filled pond to a white gazebo that has a rooftop matching her dress. Meanwhile, two Cowboys are trying to get into a bungalow that has been raided with bad guys. The cowboys all of a sudden dash in, bullets start trailing them, and they eventually make it to the porch. Dum, dressed all in a black with a shoulder holster, draws and close-ups of his pistol are quickly cut in as he blast his way into one of the rooms only to spot a bad guy hiding behind a post through a mirror hanging right in front of him. Dum draws his pistol, but then decides to aim at something else, with the bullet ricocheting off a lantern, bucket, shovel, tool box, a dancing toy figure, a light fixture, eventually landing through the bad guy's forehead.
Too fast for you? Well, Sananatieng does us all a favor and shows everything in slow motion. With a well-developed plot line about the tortured romance of Dum and Rumpooey, scenes like this will lead viewers into wanting more. Visually ornamental with the highly stylized set design and stunning shots in pastel colors, stills from the film could pass as Monet paintings. Check out the screen shots and then try to get a hold of the film.


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