Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The best sports movie not yet on DVD

The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh

With such great cult classics like The Warriors and Deathrace 2000 out on DVD, it's a shame this one hasn't made it yet. This movie about a struggling NBA team that decides to acquire only players born under the astrological sign-pisces, is chockful of basketball legends. Dr. J, who plays main character-Moses Guthrie, joins Kareem, Norm Nixon, Jerry Tarkanian, Marv Albert, Chick Hearn, Meadowlark Lemon, Connie Hawkins, and Bob Lanier, in the funkiest b-ball movie ever. Come on, just look at the movie poster, this just screams re-release on DVD. Until then, you just gotta try to acquire the video. Don't worry, it may not be the best movie ever, but if you love style and vintage ballin', you're gonna love this movie. Its definitely better than the recently re-released Blue Chips. Sorry Shaq.

Scene of note: Moses' playgroound dunk routine to the music of the spinners. EPIC!

click here for the best FISH site on the web. that's where we got the flicks from.

if anything, check it out for the kicks!


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